It’s Not Your Culture Anymore, Americans

We used to make people adopt our way of live instead of adapting to theirs.
Check it out:

They’re going to destroy the distinct American culture, we’re gonna be outnumbered and America as we knew it is gonna cease to exist. The people in Washington, I’m telling you, I don’t care where you go, whatever party, do not see it that way at all. They see these as poor, disadvantaged, discriminated against, low-wage, pretty ignorant workers that are not gonna be dominating anybody. But they are going to be dependent on government, and therefore they’re gonna be loyal voters. That’s how they’re seen.

The Democrat Party, they’re whole agenda has been to destroy what you and I call the distinct American culture. They believe it’s unfair, immoral, and unjust. We’ve always relied on conservative or Republican people to defend those things and provide push-back against what has been an attempt to change this country since the days it was founded. What we’re in the middle of here is our elected officials no longer push back. Our elected officials no longer seem on the same page with us. They don’t think there’s an economic crisis. They don’t think that amnesty or immigration is a crisis. They rather be seen as humanitarians. “We’re a nation of immigrants, what do you mean? We never lock people up. That’s crazy. That’s xenophobia.” There’s a disconnect. And I’m telling you it boils down to something very simple. There’s no difference in America today than there was 30 years ago.



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