Why Conservatives Won’t Defend Christie the Way We Defended Clarence Thomas

Wouldn’t he have to be a conservative?
Check it out:

This Bridgegate’s one thing, but basically embracing Obama and screwing Romney, that was all it took, that one time and you’re done. But the Tea Party’s not Christie’s buddies. The Republican Party establishment is Christie’s buddies, and they aren’t even defending him. They’ve all got this caveat, “He’s home free IF he’s telling the truth.” “IF.” Now, can I contrast this with something for you? Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill.

Clarence Thomas was nominated the Supreme Court by George Bush 41. The moment he was nominated, the left’s long knives came out. That was their seat, Thurgood Marshall. Clarence Thomas, Republican, conservative, traitor, Uncle Tom. When this all happened, I didn’t know Clarence Thomas. I had never met Clarence Thomas. I had to read about Clarence Thomas to find out who he was. From the moment Paul Simon, Democrat senator from Illinois…

His wife, actually, was the one responsible for this, if you want to know the truth. They dragged Anita Hill forward. Snerdley, you’ll remember this because you’ve been here the whole time. I began the biggest, full-throated defense of Clarence Thomas that there was, and I didn’t know him. I’d never met him. I had to read and find out who he was and, you know, about his life, the things he’d done, where he’d worked, gone to school.

Yet I didn’t feel I was taking a risk at all in a full-throated, never-ending, full-fledged not only defense of Clarence Thomas, but an attack, a returned attack on Anita Hill and the Democrats. Now, how was I able to do this with such confidence, not having met the man, not having known the man? I don’t do things for show here. I don’t do things to get noticed here. I was in either Tulsa or Oklahoma City on the Rush to Excellence Tour.



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