Conservative Media Turns Its Back on Chris Christie

This implies that conservatives supported Christie ever. What conservative media place hasn’t always said he’s a RINO?
Check it out:

Governor Chris Christie has learned the hard way that conservatives have not forgotten the distance he put between them and himself.

Many of the most prominent voices in conservative media have not defended Christie during the past week and, in fact, have taken the chance to remind him of his alliance with President Obama.

The silence (or, worse, criticism) from the right has placed Governor Christie in the unenviable position of being attacked from all sides. MSNBC has been merciless in attacking the governor, adopting the bridge scandal early on and covering it daily with elaborate theories of other reasons Christie’s staff may have wanted political retribution in Fort Lee. Just this week, Chris Hayes hosted a one-hour special dedicated to unraveling the story behind the scandal that led to four-hour traffic delays on the first week of school last year.

The odd part of this story is not that MSNBC is going wall-to-wall on a scandal plaguing a Republican governor. It’s that the conservative media isn’t responding to those attacks with any particular rigor, and in some cases is even agreeing that this does not bode well at all for the current 2016 presidential race frontrunner.

Opinions on the right range from “bad, but not as bad as Benghazi” to “we knew we couldn’t trust Christie.”



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