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  • Freedom?

    I guess white Englishmen, scotts and Germans who are white also lessen our whiteness?

    Or is it they broke the law.

    The reason I THINK the South west border gets so much attention is the numbers and violence they produce. There are far more illegals there that from any other spot I think.

  • HarryTheCat

    OK then, so Chuck U. Schumer’s aim must be to make the country less white, and therefore more heavily populated by less intelligent sheep who can be more easily manipulated by the socialists.

  • Robalou01

    Thanks Schmucky for casting more dispersion. Just what we need from a morally bankrupt nothing like you. Pleas crawl back under your rock and leave the rest of us alone!

  • Brenda L. Herbert

    Why is it that everyone is so obsessed with white people.

  • Davy2010

    Chuck Schumer the powerful minority probably with dual citizenship whose tribes so cleverly had usurped powers from the majority should be credited for his arrogant bravado. Imagine what would have happened had he been a minority in China and uttered the same ? Or a minority in Iran ,Iraq ,Saudi Arabia ,Pakistan , Bangladesh ,Malaysia ,Turkey ? No wonder one throwback religion had scripted in their so-called “holy ” texts some despicable diatribe aimed at another of their tribes …. . …..
    Thank the Anglo Saxon of present day America for their general broad mindedness and their spirit not to think of themselves collective like clans or tribes.

  • maryatlanta

    How many ways can Schumer twist the truth? Divisive.Race baiting. How many people will believe him? Illegal immigration is a threat to US national security. There is no way to account for who is inside US borders much less give illegal aliens amnesty! The federal gov. has failed to enforce US immigration laws and support the Constitution. The federal gov. has failed to protect and defend, putting our nation at risk.

  • Mary

    Another issue to consider is these illegal folks vote democratic. Yes, the country was not too long ago 90% white and has been losing birth replacement numbers on national native born white. However with that decline of the white majority we’re also losing our freedoms to the democrat party which has gone progressive/Marxist over the past 20 years due to those globalist elite pulling the strings.
    The Republicans can fool themselves and vote for amnesty for the illegals but the bottom line is another conservative would never see the white house again and the end result would either be states secession or violent revolution by the conservatives who would refuse to live under Marxist tyranny.
    Only the sheeples or low-informed voter would fall for Schumer’s spin.

    • RJohnston

      You nailed it, they pass amnesty the communist party will win every election for the next several elections….what the democrat party is is an arm of the socialist and communist party. They will disarm and then kill millions, that’s how they roll…from Stalin, Lenin, Mao, it’s the end game.

      • Mary

        yes and if we don’t make a peaceful stand in DC now and pass the problem onto our kids further down the road many of our offspring will die in violent revolution in the coming decades ahead.

        Operation American Spring, May 16, 2014

    • Willie Evershave

      It started long before 20 years ago. Check back to President Woodrow Wilson and his initiating the Federal Reserve Bank system, that is where it began in seriousness. It is just getting more flagrant in the last two or three decades. Our complacent attitude as voters, and our infiltrated public educational system have now managed to put out nearly 3 decades worth of Marxist agitprop to brainwash our children. What you are now seeing is the baby boomers coming out of their closet and getting elected by hook or by crook with their socialist education and the financial support of the NWO ultra-wealthy elites. Then there are the Muslims who wish to brainwash us into allah instead of God, and control us by sharia law, or kill us in the process if we don’t conform to their stone age cult that thinks dieing for allah is preferable to living. Extremist Islam is incompatible with any religion in the United States, or anywhere else for that matter. Schmuck Schumer is even more of an empty suit than our Muslim leader Obama.

  • m2plaid

    Upchuck forgets the tea party is dead.
    Nanzi Pelosi called it astro turf, Dirty Harry said tea party agenda dead,
    Now its alive and well because how else can bigmouth Schumer distract from his white house BFF and his reign of failures.
    What works best: RACISSSMMMMMMM
    Call Upchuck and tell him what you think of him and his most inappropriate comments about American citizens.
    BTW: he hides from his NYS constituents. Has NEVER held a town hall meeting. Coward.

  • madhatter46

    Stop the demonizing Charlie. It’s anti-intellectual, and it assumes stupidity which is disrespect to the people of America. Make an argument for a change!! Debate, diversity is good.

    • colleenf

      You are asking Chuck U to be “intellectual”???? He cannot do that…….he’s a lib and democrat………..terminal stupidity.

  • jdbixii

    That is absurd. We oppose immigration because America can’t afford it. It is that simple. It may be politically expedient, but the country can’t afford it. Like the “Unaffordable Care Act,” it will be the “Unaffordable Immigration Act.”

    • Mary Accardo

      I read someplace that they plan on having no boundaries between Canada, the US and Mexico by 2015. Is this the reason for the immigration bill? On the open mike in Russia, when Obama spoke about having more flexibliity after the election in 2012, he said that would be the last election for this country. And now, the big si$$y talks about going around Congress in 2014. Hope we make it to November for elections because there isn’t much left that hasn’t been destroyed by this whining idiot

  • RJohnston

    So what he is saying is he hates white folks and there are too many? What a racist piece of crap this man is…

  • woofpacker75

    NO, Chuck, you MORON! Not “less white”, LESS ILLEGAL!!!!!

    One more time… IT’S POLICY NOT RACE!!!!


    • TheTexasCooke

      Beat me to it! The are criminals Chuck! And you very closely.match the definition of “treason.”

  • RobertNorwood

    He’s a lying schmuck. Anything to divert attention from the real issue. The democrats want all those illegals on their plantation and beholdin’ to them.

  • colleenf

    Another “crisis” of the day for team oblamo.
    Anything to divert from what they have done already……….IRS, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, obamacare debacle.
    And Chuck U could care less about less Americans working as long as he gets to keep his little power base and cash cows.

  • Sonshine

    The liberals are trying to buffalo immigration reform through using the old racism cry! Chuck Schumer would love white people to fall for his ploy. He would also call all white Americans racists if in November they throw all the Democrats out and elected Conservative Republicans. The thing to be decided is whether the American people are happy with race bating as a political tool? The Democrats have set race relations back in this country 50 years; they make race an issue every time someone has a different opinion than Obama. They make racism an issue when people object to the laws not being applied equally to Knock Out game players. Now they call those who object to illegal immigrants getting some form of legal status as racists. Do the Democrats think that attacking White America will win the day? I find Schumer to be a disgusting elitist living the high life and I can tell all of you; he does not have black neighbors where he lives. Racist indeed Mr. Schumer; maybe you should look in the mirror and see a real racist!

  • suzn123

    I just went onto his facebook page and left a comment and there are a lot, obviously he does not even look at it, not surprised!

    • Mary Accardo

      They do not care what we like or think anymore. They will do what the puppermaster orders them to do because it is almost a done deal. Keep wishing for a miracle for all of this to get cleaned up.

  • danhspoonhourdc

    What do you bet Schumer sat up all night thinking that one up! Pitiful!

  • ConnieJ

    The good-ole-race-baiting ploy. If you can’t support your agenda with FACTS, then throw out the old tried-and-true race card. The Democrats have used this ploy for decades, ever since LBJ decided to buy the black votes with his “Great Society” scam, which succeeded monumentally in keeping the black Americans on their plantation by keeping them in poverty and dependent upon the federal government for the handouts of welfare. Call it by any name you choose, but it’s still W-E-L-F-A-R-E! And don’t forget: One of the most successful main objectives of the “Great Society” was the destruction of the black family unit. In order to collect the largess of the welfare check was the PROVISION that there was NO able-bodied man in the house. Worked like a charm.

  • Graywolf12

    BS again. I am against amnesty for several reasons, and less white is not one of them. Criminals should not be rewarded. The increase in people competing for entrance, low paying, and no experience necessary jobs further damages the Black population. Why do the demorats continue to say they are the party that helps the Black people when their policies are designed to keep them as slaves to big government. Stop all immigration except those with advanced degrees not available here. Deport ALL illegals that have as much as a parking ticket, Register ALL illegals like they want to do with guns, and make all companies use E verify. All illegals pay taxes, are not eligible for any benefit programs, and can NOT vote.

  • Michael J. Fell

    More “progressive” race baiting lies. They obviously never heard the story about the boy who cried wolf.

  • Nikita63

    What is it that the liberal lunatics and other deluded demagogues do not understand about the definition of ILLEGAL, meaning in violation of the LAW? They ARE aware of the difference in what they say and do in regard to the immigration problems. They KNOW these illegals, every single one of them is by definition: A FOREIGN FELON and subject under the existing laws to immediate deportation and there in s NOTHING of race in the intent. People coming into the U.S. until about 1960 or so were thoroughly investigated and evaluated and if found wanting, were not admitted . THAT is how it SHOULD be. We take 50 % of the WORLD’S emigres into this country at great hurt to our OWN , native born and legally naturalized citizens. THEY SHOULD COME FIRST AND NO SPECIAL CONSIDERATION OR BENEFITS GIVEN TO IMMIGRANTS. That is the way it used to be and that is the way it should be once more: ESPECIALLY with the debt, the effect on the culture and traditional American Values, the attacks on law and faith and the abrogation of our constitution and the rule of law. There should be no blanket amnesty and deportation of ALL those who do not take American Citizenship and Learn ENGLISH. We should NOT be printing ballots in 300 languages at taxpayer expense to provide an opportunity to vote to those who by law , DO NOT HAVE THAT RIGHT! There is no racism in ANY of this: JUST GOOD COMMON SENSE, a commodity in exceedingly short supply in this administration. So much for Chuck Schumer and his utterly nonsensical rantings.

  • junkmailbin

    schwantzkoff schmucky chucky once again tries for racial division rather than working towards an agreement. Point one Admit the Illegal Alien means just that.

  • ARMYOF69

    I’m startimg to think we may be much safer if we went to live in Mexiko, since all their criminals are now here in America.

  • Patriot41

    There they go again with the democrat race baiting comments. Is anyone fooled by this type of rhetoric anymore?

    No Schumer, TEA party patriots are not concerned with racial issues, they are more concerned with the criminal activity going on in this government and the refusal of this administration, to heed our immigration laws. But then, why would you be concerned with any laws?

  • Petemer

    With the highest unemployment rate being that of Blacks and Hispanics, Schumer joined the LIAR Rubio in passing an amnesty reform bill that according to his CBO report will cause higher unemployment for them and force all to take bigger pay cuts, then blames the TEA PARTY for the hatred he has for our Black and Hispanic citizens who only want to work and feed their families.
    America needs elected officials who love our country and the people who built it instead of hate mongers like him and THE LIAR Rubio.

  • Henry

    chucky go flucky thyself!

  • TLady62

    What a piece of filth this scumbag truly is. Shame on the state of New York for consistently voting to send him back to Washington for nearly half a century.

  • jong

    Really?? First of all the Tea Party has always been there as method of the people to rally against the government. Secondly this putz(literal term yiddish) want mexicans in because they need more voters as the blacks are leaving the plantation and in some areas are gaining more wealth or they are simply having abortions and not reproducing enough voters. In 1986 a deal was made and the demoncrats have yet to complete their end of it. In this they break their oath as they break the law.

  • patriotusa2

    How about if we object to one less white and ship you out of here to the Middle East? This white capitalistic country made you rich and is why you are in a position of power. Get the he!! out of here and take your snickering smirk with you.

  • Sonnyjelly1

    Just shows this man wants someone to trim his bushes and cut his trees, because no in their right mind won’t go to his property. Seriously, he does not have any idea about this illegal situation. Every illegal that works in the US will send most of their money back to Mexico. By the way, there are laws on the books that deal with immigration. Abide by these laws you arrogant, hypocritical a$$.

  • Mary Accardo

    What the hell is wrong with these damned liberals, progressives and RINOs? What is their reasoning with making the US less white? Many of us living here are Americans. We were born here (or naturalized) and we had no control of the color of our skins. The US is getting overcrowded from taking in people who only want to come here and have things the way it is in their country of orgin. We in this country like the freedoms that our Constitution provides for us. And it does not have anything to do with the color of our skin. I am so tired of these idiots using race to get what they want, legal or not.

  • mperkins2

    When will these Washington bone heads realize that Americans aren’t against immigration just illegal immigration. It is especially annoying when they come here and make demands to us about what they want. A lot of them, even when made citizens, will not conform to our ways but try to make us into the country they fled from. We owe these criminals nothing yet those of the ruling class, formerly known as the American government, seem hell bent on giving them everything they want while real citizens are doing without as they just keep taking more from us to give to them. Our own veterans have even had to take cuts in their well deserved benefits just so we can give more to these criminal trespassers. Chuck Schumer is a disgrace to his position and to the American people. These traitors need to be remembered come election day and be booted out of office. If he is supposed to be the example of a great white person then God help us all.

    • lokiswife

      When will these boneheads start looking at the reality of the situation- 60% of illegal immigrants don’t have a high school education or marketable skills. We already have a huge pool of citizens with the same problem. Many of those people are dependent on the taxpayer to survive, how can a country that is going broke support millions more people? With amnesty, they can tap into hundreds of welfare and benefit programs that many citizens can’t get into. Americans are generous people, caring people, but the financial situation says no, we can’t, not right now as our own people are struggling.

  • Centurian2010

    I really cannot understand the sheep who listen to these democrat politicians and their opinions. Every one of them got to their position either by lying, fraud, deception or cheating.

  • BetseeRoss

    No, Chuck. They oppose YOUR type of immigration promotion because it makes America less American.


    CHUCK HEINRICH SCHUMER TO STAR IN THE BROADWAY MUSICAL. The Rosenbergs betray the USA. Chuck will play Ethel Rosenberg. He may do all the stunts his self.

  • Patriot304

    I don’t think ‘We the People’ care why someone opposes immigration. We just want what’s best for OUR country and runaway immigration, both legal and illegal, is NOT what’s best!

  • The Big Kahuna

    Correction: The presidential election was all smoke and mirrors, with Soros’ Spanish sociaIist SCYTL corporation counting the Diebold computer votie, with a manipulate math program by satellite for 0bama, along with ACORN and double democrat dead people voting we now have a white/Arab(from the Arab Luo tribe in Kenya), as our white house guest, with his husband and first man Michael 0bama.

    • Bingo

      We won you lose get over it stop making excuses, you folks got your heads cracked. If their we’re any fraud mitt Romney would have been the first to call for an investigation. He tucked his tail between his legs and walked away.

      • Mac Boy

        Did you know?: – if you forget to secure your Tinfoil hat with Duct-tape,
        the “Voices” can still get inside and talk to you? – Like NOW ?

  • ste1021

    How come democrats are always out to destroy segments of our population? How come they are so intolerant and racist?

    • Bingo

      The party of illegitimate rape is the only party that’s intolerant 99% of your base is white. liberals are a mixture of all races of people.

      • Mac Boy

        Walgreen’s has a sale on Tinfoil this week-end….

        …..Better hurry !!

  • WhiteFalcon

    Who cares what Schumer says. He is a moron that greatly needs to be replaced, but he probably won’t because of so many commieonazicrats in New York.

    • Bingo

      Everyone knows the GOP hates minorities that’s why the repukelican party only consist of old white people.

  • JimH

    I believe it is “illegal” immigration that is being opposed. As far as it is because it would make America less white, that would be speculation on Schumer’s part. Chuck really doesn’t let facts get in the way of his lies though.

  • Mac Boy

    Hey, Chuckie!! – The Rodeo just called ……
    They need you for tonight’s Main Event !!!

  • joel

    Sounds like Schumer supports ethnic cleansing. White make up 13% of the world population and declining. Maybe he can give up his white ass seat for a Muslim and support Condi Rice as next woman president instead of old crusty WHITE blond Billary

  • willhen50

    They use the same old lie, Republicans are against immigration; Republicans are anti Hispanic, Republicans just use the slave labor for the rich businesses; blah blah blah. The Democrats don’t care about these people, they just want a voting bloc. The Republicans are going to get tripped up in this argument and wind up making their party extinct. The liberal press is using mind tricks and the Republicans are falling for it.

  • Death2Unions

    Shumer, go suck on you boy Oboofer’s unit.