Let’s give them a bed and a car and a paycheck too. Do parents do anything in liberal land?
Check it out:

In Governor Christie’s efforts to solve New Jersey’s education problems, yesterday he visited the Dudley Family School in Camden to discuss some of his plans for school programs in the Garden State.

Christie took the time to chat with the kids and even answer some questions. When students asked the governor what exactly it is that he does, he was eager to share his duties.

“I get to work with the legislature, people get elected, you work with them on laws, to pass new laws for the state. I work with all the people in my cabinet to try and implement those laws and make sure they work the right way,” Christie explained.

One of the big education announcements that he made in Camden is plans for an after-school dinner program for kids in six of the city’s schools. Research has shown that when kids are hungry, that affects not just their academic performance, but also their behavior.

During his state of the state address, Christie had a lot to say about his plans for the education system in New Jersey.

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