Christie Saga Makes Clear Republicans Still Don’t Know What They’re Up Against

Conservatives need to work it harder than ever.
Check it out:

Can I share with you something? This whole Chris Christie business. I said that when he first got out of trouble, it was noticeable to me that none of the other wildebeests came to his defense, other RINOs. He was just left to sink or swim on his own, and none of the Democrats that supposedly like him and have worked with him and Obama — nobody — rushed to his aide. Which is classic, by the way. But there’s something else about this.

If you watched the Sunday shows yesterday — which I didn’t. I get reports, transcripts, that kind of thing. I can’t watch them anymore. I tried watching cable news the other night and I just went nuts. It just makes me mad. It’s so much out of the… It’s sophomoric. Anyway, you noticed all of the Republicans who are saying, “Yeah, he’s in the clear IF he’s telling the truth.” The number of Republicans who are saying, “Oh, yeah, everything’s cool, man. That was a great press conference — IF he’s telling the truth.” What does that tell you? It tells you that there’s some doubt.

I mean, all those Republican — it’s a lot of them — are with that caveat.



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