Christie Fires People, Obama ‘Doubles Down’ on Them

Very good point. Those that Christie fired will probably get a job with Obama!
Check it out:

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus sparred with Meet the Press host David Gregory on Sunday morning over whether New Jersey Governor Chris Christie should be held liable for creating a “culture” in his administration that encouraged political retribution, as the chairman had said President Barack Obama should be with regards to the IRS scandal.

“He trusted people that lied to him and he fired those people,” Priebus said. “The president doubles down on Eric Holder, he doubles down on Hillary Clinton and Lois Lerner and Susan Rice. It’s the opposite effect.”

“There’s some deflection going on here,” Gregory said. “You said in May that there’s no denying that the president created the culture in his administration that encouraged the targeting of these groups. There’s not evidence to prove that linkage. That’s your assertion. But if that’s your assertion about tone there, why isn’t it true of Governor Christie?”

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