It is amazing how different Obama handles disclosures.
Check it out:

The seemingly impossible political retribution scheme involving lane closures to the George Washington Bridge, from the City of Fort Lee, broke wide open on Wednesday with the release of subpoenaed documents, morphing into what we now know as “Bridgegate,” a scandal that reaches directly into Governor Chris Christie‘s (R-NJ) office. On Friday, the New Jersey Legislature released hundreds more pages of documents. The new documents shed more light on the specifics of the plan to shut down toll lanes onto the GWB, and just how cognizant the principles in this story were of the intense concern the chaos it generated. They also provide a peek inside the mechanics of media stonewalling.

The documents don’t contain a smoking gun implicating Christie in the plot, but do place the ensuing coverup a step closer to Christie. Emails show that Regina Egea, Christie’s incoming Chief of Staff, was notified of the brouhaha as early as September 13.

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