Christie Bridge Flip Flop!

When will Obama be under the same scrutiny?
Check it out:

In a day full of inconsistencies and wrinkles in the developing story of how cars on the country’s most trafficked bridge came to a halt to please NJ Governor Chris Christie’s senior officials, the Wall Street Journal adds another: Christie has said numerous times when he first heard of the lane closings, and the stories don’t align.

The Wall Street Journal’s Ted Mann, who was the first reporter for a nationally distributed newspaper to cover the story, collected the various instances of reporters asking Christie when he first heard that the traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge that lead to and from Fort Lee, New Jersey had been closed. Not only are Christie’s stories inconsistent, but the change in his stories comes after the revelations Mann published that senior aides David Wildstein and Bridget Kelly not only knew of the closings but orchestrated them for political retribution.

“The first I ever heard of the issue was when it was reported in the press, which I think was in the aftermath of the leaking of Mr. Foye’s email,” Mann notes Christie told the media at a press conference in December. Patrick Foye, the Executive Director of the Port Authority, wrote a private but scathing letter ordering the bridge lanes to be reopened after a week of four-hour traffic jams.



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