Chris Christie Holiday Card to Iowa Republicans Fuels 2016 Speculation

He meant to send them to Iowa Democrats!
Check it out:

A number of Iowa Republicans were surprised to see the image of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie winning reelection in their mailboxes on a holiday card with a warm greeting. According to multiple sources, the recipients interpreted the card as a sign Christie is running in 2016.

The holiday card, featuring the Christie family on a podium as the Governor delivered his victory speech, first appeared on Buzzfeed. A New Jersey GOP spokesman denied the cards were specifically meant for Iowans, saying they were sent to a “wide variety” of Republicans to whom Christie wanted to send greetings.

However, the Republicans targeted seem to find that explanation too dismissive to believe – particularly those whom Christie does not know personally.

A somewhat bemused Iowa State Representative Bobby Kaufman told Buzzfeed, “I have never met him and don’t know anyone in his camp,” though he appreciated the gesture. Rep. Peter Cownie, who spoke to the Des Moines Register, openly stated he thought the reason for the card was that the Governor was “thinking about running for president,” because a governor of New Jersey thinking about Iowans during the holiday season with no such ulterior motive seemed a stretch to him. Rep. Jake Highfill, the other confirmed recipient of Christie’s winter greetings, told Buzzfeed he “laughed for ten minutes” when he opened his card because of how confused the New Jersey return address made him and how transparent of a 2016 ploy the card seemed to him.



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