Chris Christie Dealt Himself Fatal Blow When He Walked Arm-in-Arm with Obama

Christie almost single handily got Obama reelected.
Check it out:

All the media can’t wait to go destroy Chris Christie. What the people in the media don’t understand… Well, maybe they do and they’re just it is not taking the chance.

What they don’t understand is that Chris Christie probably dealt himself the fatal blow by walking the boardwalk with Obama.

My guess is that people inside the Beltway have long forgotten that and think that, oh, that’s gonna be such a distant memory. That’s not gonna hurt Christie by the time the 2016 primaries come around. And this is another example of how genuinely out of touch people inside the Beltway are, ’cause I’m telling you for, I don’t know how many, but it’s a sizable number of Republican general election and primary voters, Christie ended his chances one week before the 2012 elections by embracing Barack Obama. And that’s not something people are gonna forget.

This Bridgegate thing, the Democrats are not taking any chances. You know what’s driving Bridgegate? There are two polls that show that only Christie defeats Hillary in 2016, and that’s it. There are two polls and I can’t even name the polls for you. I think one of them might be Gallup. But remember these people live and die, because the polls are them, they do the polls, and to them the poll equals news. The poll is not public opinion and a reflection of it. The poll is news to them. They go out and do a poll, they look at the results, and that happens to be reality in their world.




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