Chris Christie Calls for Bipartisanship as Democrats Pack Panel to Bring Him Down

Christie is so done.
Check it out:

Well, Bret Baier at Fox News tweeted that he’s heard the same thing: Wealthy Republican donors are starting to give up on Chris Christie for 2016. F. Chuck Todd at NBC News has tweeted the same thing. “Some GOP Donors Think Christie’s ‘2016 Hopes are Done.'” Today, Christie gave his inaugural address to commence his second term as governor of New Jersey. Among the things he said: “We must shun partisanship. We must take action on behalf of the people.”

CHRISTIE: “We cannot fall victim to the attitude of Washington, DC, the attitude that says, “I am always right and you are always wrong,” the attitude that puts everyone into a box that they are not permitted to leave, the attitude that puts political victories ahead of policy agreements. The belief that “compromise” is a dirty word.”

Oh, my. (stammering) So apparently here we’re trying to salvage Republican donors here with this kind of bipartisanship talk? You know, it’s not just Governor Christie. There are a lot of RINOs and Republican establishment types and consultants who say, “We can’t have this attitude, ‘I’m always right and you’re always wrong.'” What if it’s true? What if we are right? Are we supposed to just forget it because it’s not fair or it’s not right or it’s not kosher to be right?

Are we supposed to let the people that are wrong win some now and then just to be fair about it, just so we can say we’re getting along? He said that attitude puts everyone into a box that they’re not permitted to leave. What do you mean, “not permitted to leave”? People leave whatever box they go into any time they want. The “attitude that puts political victories ahead of policy agreements”? I defy anybody to separate political from policy.

There isn’t one, for example, Obama policy that’s not political, and it’s that that creates the argument. Of course, they think the same thing of us. This talk emanates from the belief that people hate us because we are inflexible and we are not cooperative and we don’t compromise. So Governor Christie obviously still thinks that there is ground to be gained in speaking this way. Now, let me give you an example of how the Democrats are heeding Governor Christie’s call for bipartisanship.



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