Chris Christie Bridge Scandal’s Traffic Study: Closing Lanes Worsens Traffic

This sounds like a typical government study.
Check it out:

The Chris Christie bridge scandal has kept journalists reading all weekend, as the New Jersey Legislature released thousands of pages of documents related to the incident Friday. Among them is the actual traffic study those involved claim was responsible for the lane closures.

It concludes that closing lanes hurts traffic flow.

Governor Christie apologized profusely for dismissing the possibility that those who work for him could have caused four-hour traffic delays on the first week of school last year for political retribution. When he did dismiss the possibility, he was under the impression that his underlings in transportation were conducting a “traffic study” that required the lanes to be closed.

The documents released this weekend show that former Port Authority official David Wildstein, who was so responsible for the closures that he personally went to the George Washington Bridge on the first day to make sure officials there did what he ordered, told those involved that the lane closures were to conduct a traffic study, as well.



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