Chris Christie Asks Obama for More Sandy Aid as Evidence of Misuse Grows

Wait… wasn’t this in 2102? Before the election? Government should only be involved in emergency help and leave the rest to private insurance. Unreal.
Check it out:

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may stand accused of using Sandy money as both carrot and stick in his political battles, but that’s not stopping him from asking the federal government for more help. The Star-Ledger reported Wednesday that Christie sent a letter to President Obama asking FEMA to extend its housing program.

The program, the paper reports, would not directly bring money into the state, but instead cost the Federal government thousands in maintaining temporary homes for displaced victims. The housing, located in the Central Jersey facility of Fort Monmouth, currently houses 49 families but takes care of 80 at its height. Most of these families are homeowners who have not been able to rebuild their homes or find other permanent housing.

Their temporary help through FEMA is expected to expire on April 1, but Christie is asking President Obama to extend that time through September. Christie argues, according to the Ledger, that such housing is a pressing need to ensure “our hardest hit residents can continue to receive much needed financial and direct housing assistance until their homes are repaired or they can find more permanent housing.”



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