Businesses Fail When They Do What’s Politically Correct Instead of What Customers Want

Why we need to keep government out of business decisions.
Check it out:

“McDonald’s Fighting to be ‘Relevant’ to Customers, CEO Concedes.” You know, I’ve got some thoughts about this. “After outperforming rivals for years, McDonald’s Corp. is facing a shift in eating habits toward foods people feel are fresher or healthier. The company has added options such as chicken wraps and breakfast sandwiches made with egg whites to keep up with the trend. But it’s received a ‘muted response.'”

It isn’t working. Healthier foods received a muted response. I mean, who could have guessed that? Remember Burger King in Berkeley? Yeah, Burger King in Berkeley, the leftists on the city council said, “You can’t serve beef. That stuff kills people. You gotta serve veggie burgers.” So they put veggie burgers on the menu and they promptly practically went out of business ’cause that’s not why people go to Burger King.

So you have McDonald’s here trying harder and harder to do what the left says is nutritionally correct more than what’s really important. If you’re in the restaurant business, what’s the most important thing? Well, how the food tastes. If the food doesn’t taste any good, you are in trouble. Are you not? The worst thing that could be said about your restaurant, “The food in there isn’t any good.” What do you think is said about nutritionally healthy food? By definition it doesn’t taste good. I don’t know. It’s not my business. I told you I admittedly don’t know anything about that business.

But insurance companies, look at them. They’re trying to do what is government correct more than what is customer correct. Obamacare policies don’t sell because they’re unaffordable due to unnecessary coverages. Car companies are trying to do what’s environmentally correct instead of building cars that people want. It’s all out of whack because leftists have taken over the regulatory process and the public guilt process. You got all these people scared to death, “You gotta make sure it’s environmental healthy and green,” and all this stuff. It’s no wonder this stuff is happening to these companies. I don’t know. It just ticks me off, folks.



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