Should a Brain Dead Pregnant Woman Be Kept on Life Support?

Hopefully someone steps in and saves this baby from murder.
Check it out:

This is a tough one. When I took to writing a blurb about my opinion of this, my plan was to say…I don’t know. But, somewhere around the third paragraph, I decided where I stand.

My political opinions on how the law should influence life and death are shaped around what I believe to be true – that God has the power over life and death and man shouldn’t try to take control of that.

That’s the reason this sort of thing was fuzzy to me. What is natural is that when a pregnant woman dies, she and her baby die. It doesn’t seem natural that an essentially dead person is being kept alive on a machine if she has no chance of recovery.

But, we’re not living in the 1800s. If I were to say “let her die” because God has power over life and death, I’d have to stop taking antibiotics or getting surgeries.



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