“Bending the Cost Curve” and Other Obama BS

We’re still looking for something Obama has told the truth on.
Check it out:

If you want evidence that it’s meant to fail, nobody — nobody — builds a website where the back end doesn’t work, and these people spent three years on a website, and the back end doesn’t work? Now, again, folks, what that means: Imagine going to Amazon and you fill out stuff in your shopping cart, and you click “buy” or whatever, “complete order,” and nothing happens.

The back end. What’s in your shopping cart, what you want to buy, never gets to fulfillment. So you never have it sent to you, and you’re not even charged for it because it never your shopping cart. That’s what’s happened here. The back end isn’t finished. And now they’re running around, people, saying, “You know, this is gonna be the end of this. Oh, this is a debacle. They’ve got until March to get the back end fixed!”

I mean, they took three years to build a website, and they don’t finish the website on the back end. Another way of visualizing this, for the low-information voter: Iimagine you go into McDonald’s, and you order Chicken McNuggets, and they tell you, “Okay,” and two hours later you’re still standing there, and you don’t have Chicken McNuggets, because whoever took your order never turned it in because there wasn’t anybody to turn it in to. There wasn’t anybody in the kitchen or they didn’t have McNugget — and your only recourse, then, is to call 911.



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