Archbishop Reads Letters of Children of Illegal Aliens to Promote Amnesty

Oh whatever. How about we make people obey the laws? How about we seal the border? How about we crack down on places paying illegals dirt wages?
Check it out:

Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles read aloud the letters of children of illegal aliens that were addressed to Pope Francis and collected by a coalition of groups seeking rights for illegal immigrants. Gomez said he hoped the letters would challenge the consciences of Americans.

As a Catholic News Agency report in the National Catholic Register indicated on January 17th, Gomez discussed what the report said were “heartfelt letters to Pope Francis seeking his help and his prayers for their parents who have been deported or arrested.”

“They know that Pope Francis himself is the son of an immigrant. They know that he has the heart to understand what they are going through,” Gomez said. He added that reading the children’s letters “makes my heart ache.”

“They are so beautiful and so sad,” he told the civic group Town Hall Los Angeles.



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