My Apology to the Independents

Independents need to realize that they have more in common with conservatives than liberals
Check it out:

I need to offer an apology, I think, to independents. Last week or the week before, we had a caller ask me who the independents were, and I answered in a way that was truthful five years ago and beyond. Independents basically are people who think that they are more open-minded than everything else. They are not partisan.

They haven’t made up their minds in advance of anything.

They wait for the issues, and they’re not tied to any particular party or ideology — and they also happen to know that political leaders think they are the ones who determine the winner of elections. Because the independents, whoever wins them traditionally wins. I said, for the most part, independents are just liberals that don’t want to admit it. They’re Democrat liberals who don’t want to admit it. Last night, I’m watching the speech on Fox, and they had this constant display up there.

I guess they had some people with meters that were being used to register their reaction to what they were hearing, and I noted that the independent and Republican lines tracked identically. When there was a positive reaction to whatever was being said, the independents and Republicans were perfectly aligned. There was not a gap between them. When there was anger or disagreement with whatever was being said, the Republican and independent lines tracked identically, with very little space between them.

I think there’s been a fundamental shift in who the independents are. I think the independents of today are, in many cases (and maybe a majority now), former Republicans who are fed up. They’re actually conservatives, former Republicans who feel disconnected from the Republican Party as it’s defined by the establishment. They have simply given up the party ID. They simply registered as independents.



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