AP: Mean, Partisan Republicans “Maintain an Election-Year Spotlight” on Obamacare

And liberals try and claim there isn’t a media bias.
Check it out:

This is a story from the Associated Press. Just the headline: “House Passes Bill Requiring Health Care Numbers.” What in the name of Sam Hill? So we’ve got Obamacare, and now we need a piece of legislation requiring the government to provide numbers? “The House on Thursday backed a bill that would require the Obama administration to report weekly on how many Americans have signed up for health care coverage as Republicans maintain an election-year spotlight on the troubled law.”

So, see, Republicans’ intentions, no, they’re just suspicious. The Republicans, they’re just a bunch of meanies that want to tear things down. They just want to criticize people and they’re never happy. See how this works? So you’ve got this monstrosity of a disaster. We don’t know how many people are signing up. We don’t know how many people actually have insurance. We don’t know how many people have paid and we don’t know what they’ve paid. A number of people who think they’ve signed up can’t prove it. The insurance companies don’t have any evidence they’ve signed up.

The only thing we know is that four out of five enrollees are getting subsidies. We’ve got a 2,200-page piece of legislation that we need an addendum requiring the Regime to provide numbers? (laughing) And then the AP looks at that and thinks it’s the Republicans just electioneering in an election year? And how are they doing that? By keeping a spotlight on the Regime’s health care law. See, the Republicans aren’t supposed to do that.



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