Amnesty Advocates Don’t Want to be Seen as Mean

Laws don’t matter to liberals.
Check it out:

I was out playing golf with a good friend of mine in Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage or Frank Sinatra Boulevard, someplace out there, and at dinner… My host, by the way, is a fervent anti-amnesty individual, and he is informed, and he is expert, and he is passionate. There is nobody who can out-statistic him, out-argue him on this issue. Well, a well-known American media figure happened to be in the dining room of the clubhouse that night, one afternoon, one evening after our round of golf.

He came over to say hi, and somehow the topic of amnesty and illegal immigration popped up. This well-known media figure just started bleeding all over the table. “Well, look,” he said to us. “If some poor person wants to come to my country to make the best of themselves, if some poor person wants to come here and become the best they can be, then I’m not gonna deny him. Who am I to say you can’t come to America and become the best you want to?” And my host lost it.

“Okay, what if the guy happens to hop the fence in your backyard and wants to date your daughter? What happens if the guy hops the fence, has a gun, whatever?” Then the statistics on the number of emergency rooms that would close and hospitals that close and all that. None of it mattered. None of the real facts mattered to this guy. All that mattered was feelings. In fact, we were driving, and my host is still so livid he’s pounding the dashboard of his car while we’re driving away.

He’s just livid. I said, “Well, you’re missing the point. This sap doesn’t even know what he’s saying. He doesn’t care. He does not. All he cares about is that you not think he’s a mean guy. The whole point was, our major media figure wanted you to know that he’s got a big heart and that he’s compassionate and that he’s not judgmental. He doesn’t care what impact it has on the country. That’s not his problem. He doesn’t care about. All he cares about is the way he is seen.

All he cares about is what people think of him, and so he’s not gonna be critical of this because it’s minorities that we’re talking about, this man is. My host said, “I know, damn it. You’re right,” and this is exactly what I’m talking about. This is exactly what I’m talking about. So the truth is, the law, none of it matters — and what takes precedent over it is all of these silly, specious things that end up being vastly detrimental. So… (interruption) Well, that’s a good question.



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