Alan Colmes Told He Was a Fool

Liberals are fools. They are naive in their beliefs and don’t seem to get how things really work.
Check it out:

I told Alan that we should have an amendment to the First Amendment, that says, “Any religion that kills, or threatens to kill the other religions is banned from our country.”

I told Alan he was a fool because ‘political correctness’ has blinded him from common sense and from seeing the enemy within.

Tonight’s interview with Colmes here. I was talking on my cell while driving to an anti-Common Core meeting.

In this link, just posted onto the Internet, the Alan Colmes Show conveniently edited out my explanation that Islam is not just a “religion,” it’s also a military system and a political system; they edited out me explaining the recent Manchester, TN Muslim Outreach I attended where U.S. citizens, 1,000 of us were told by U.S. Attorney Bill Killian (story here) that if we say something derogatory about Islam on the Internet, we can be “federally prosecuted.” We were holding signs that said, “Freedom of Speech.” Story here.

I’m a nice person, I don’t say unkind things, but I do tell the truth, and that’s offensive sometimes..truth like the fact that one of Mohammed’s wives was named Aisha and she was 8 years old.



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