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  • Kat

    I realize this article is a spoof of obozocare but reading it makes one realize just how bad, how intrusive, and how corrupt that piece of legislative garbage is.

    • No Communism

      Intrusive is an excellent word to describe it! What if I choose to live in Alaska, hundreds of miles from a doctor and don’t want to use the medical system? This dictator will still make me pay for it whether I use it or not. This ISN’T freedom. We have lost freedom and liberty! It’s a sorry state of affairs.

      • jd

        You only lose freedom if you let people take it from you.

  • HarryTheCat

    Just make sure they aren’t those scary-looking black assault golf clubs. Once you get your clubs you will be required to apply for a Golf Club Carry Permit and pass a background check before you can actually take your clubs out in public, and even then you won’t be allowed to have them on your person in any Federal facility or within 1000 feet of a school. And you can also be subject to arrest if your bag contains more than 10 golf balls.

  • jayleigh

    But wait a minute – Golf Clubs is sort of ambiguous, isn’t it. Maybe i want to buy not a bag of golfing instruments known as “clubs” – but what if i want to buy a Golf Club, like my capital city’s Country Club, or a Golf Club at Palm Desert, or Palm Beach… will that be affordable? lol that’s a really good farce on Obmacare well written and clever!

    • parlayer

      I agree, very good.

  • g55rumpy

    where can you get assault golf clubs?

  • tim_lebsack

    I have good clubs now. New clubs will ruin my swing.

  • captdot

    Cute. :-) Back in the day of Cash for Clunkers and government subsidies to buy energy efficient cars, John Stossel, among others, got a golf cart for free. Yes, YOU paid for his golf cart. Subsidies are still around for certain cars like those being purchased by millionaire celebrities. Aren’t we happy?

  • Work2SnowSki

    Too funny…thanks