Taking the Senate will greatly change the conversation in DC.
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The fight for control of the US Senate will dominate political headlines in 2014. That chamber, where Democrats face a tough struggle to retain their control, is the biggest prize on the ballot in November. Most areas of the country, however, won’t see competitive races. In others, though, contests up and down the ballot could have long lasting consequences. Here are six states to watch this year.

Over a decade ago, wealthy progressives poured millions into the Centennial State in a generally successful attempt to turn the state blue. In recent years, Democrats have controlled all levels of state government. They may have overreached in 2013, however. A push for radical gun control has already cost the Democrats two state Senate seats, imperiling their majority. The unpopular legislation has also made the race for Governor and US Senate competitive, something that no one would have predicted just months ago.

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