2013 Gun Sales Skyrocketed, Broke Previous Record by Wide Margin

Obama could be named the gun salesman of the year.
Check it out:

Amid the relentless push for more gun control in 2013, there were 21,093,273 background checks for firearm purchasers.
The NRA sent Breitbart News a breakdown and comparison of this number against the numbers from previous years, and a record-setting trend is evident.

For example, the number of 2013 background checks is nearly two million more than the previous record – 19,592,303 in 2012 – and it far exceeds the 14,033,824 background checks performed during Obama’s first year in office.

Although the Christmas season provided only an “average” boost to gun sales last year, December sales were higher than those of any previous December except 2012. The number of background checks during December 2013 sales was 2,041,528.

December 2012 sales were through the roof because the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary created a gun control scare that drove shoppers to buy every gun and every box of ammunition they could find during the last two weeks of 2012.



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