In 1943, LaGuardia Asked Citizens to Shovel Snow — In 2014, De Blasio Promises Equal Distribution of Snow Removal

Liberals want government to do everything.
Check it out:

In 1943, this was the New York City mayor…

LAGUARDIA: “We must keep the streets of our city open for the delivery of food supplies, war materials, and readily accessible for our fire department. Therefore, I am appealing to the people of this city to volunteer in assisting us to keep open the sewer basins located at every street intersection and also to keep the crosswalks in as good condition as possible for the pedestrians. And we are also appealing to volunteers, volunteers who will be willing to do a little snow shoveling right in their own block.”

So back in 1943, 71 years ago, the mayor of New York said (summarized), “Get out there. Lend a hand and help everybody. Help us. Help us in the city. Help the fire department. Help us do the crosswalks. Do your own sidewalk. Keep it safe for everybody. Let’s all work together.” This mayor says, “Don’t go outside. It’s unsafe. You might die. Do not use salt instead of pet-safe snow melting pellets. Keep the street safe for sanitation. You do not go outside!”

It’s amazing, the contrast. It’s nothing more than just a little interesting contrast. Now back to the current mayor, de Blasio, this is this morning on Channel 2 Eyeball News CBS TV, special coverage of the snowstorm of 6 to 10 inches. Again, breaking news: People survived. Correspondent Weijia Jiang interviewed de Blasio while he was outside his house shoveling snow. She said, “Before the storm even hit, you said it was very personal for you because you could feel it. You said it was personal because you could see it, and you saw mistakes in the past. So what did you learn that you’re gonna apply for the rest of today and tomorrow, Mr. Mayor?”



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