Woman Has Abortion Because She Couldn’t Fit Into Her Wedding Dress

Sickening. It is disgusting that liberals think it is ok to murder a baby
Check it out:

Los Angeles Times ran a story by Stephanie Simon entitled “Offering Abortion, Rebirth.”

Simon interviewed an abortion provider named Dr. William F. Harrison and observed abortions at his clinic. Harrison died in 2010, after closing down his clinic because of health reasons.

The article quotes Harrison saying, “I am destroying life.”

Simon described witnessing an abortion on an 18-year-old girl. The author says the girl had not told her parents about her pregnancy. The unborn baby was 13 weeks along. At 13 weeks, the child has fingers, complete with fingernails. If female, the child has a uterus of her own. He or she can respond to touch and has both a heartbeat and brain waves. He can also suck his thumb. (See ultrasound pictures of 13-week-old babies here.)



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