You Were Warned: Obama as Victim

America has gotten what it voted for.
Check it out:

Now, I got a post here at Legal Insurrection. And the poster, the writer is somebody that calls themselves Neocon, but it’s actually just a post pointing to something in the Washington Post, and they point to the headline, and they say, “Look what’s gonna happen here. They’re gonna make Obama a victim. That’s how they’re gonna explain this,” and the Washington Post headline: “Obama Suffers Most From Year of Turmoil, Poll Finds.”

It’s a Washington Post/ABC poll, and the article goes on to describe the precipitous decline in Obama’s standing in the approval numbers and how that is causing Obama to suffer. Not people who’ve lost their health insurance, no. Not people who are going to be. Not people who’ve lost their jobs. Not people who can’t pay off student loans. Not people who are trapped because of the Obama economy.

No, no, no! We’re not worried about them. “Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Obama! Oh, Obama is suffering more than anybody from this.” This is perverted, and it is sick, and it is their way of dealing with this. I went and researched my website, and it’s all the way back on October the 16th where I first made reference to this fact that the Democrats, the left, the media were going to start portraying Obama as a victim.



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