Two Hours Before Obama Presser, ObamaCare Site Crashes

Liberals still don’t get why we don’t want incompetent government ruling our lives.
Check it out:

Early Friday afternoon, as millions of Americans who had their insurance plans scrambled to get coverage before the deadline — which is just a couple days away — the federal ObamaCare Website crashed (see screencap above). This occurred 20 days after the Obama Administration reassured America the site was fully-functioning for a “vast majority” of users.

As of now, the site is not fully-functioning for anyone.
CNN’s Jim Acosta reports that per CMS: “Right now is queuing consumers. This system is in place while the tech team works on fixing an error”

After the so-called fix at the end November, users were faced with a completely screen when the website experienced problems. was still be operating at a level that allowed the user to set an appointment for a time where they could go back and be assured of having full access to the site.

Today’s crash is a full crash.



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