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  • patriotusa2

    We don’t need the Supreme Court to verify that Obama broke the law. He’s been doing it since his inauguration.

    • Flybob

      WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS! Google “the last stand and mike zullo. I HATE sites that don’t let us say what we’re thinking!!!

      • polmutant

        there is no 1st amendment in the Unigardly Socialist State of Amfrika. Where have you been?

      • Flybob

        Under a frikin rock I reckon….so when the hell are we going to do something??? It’s disgusting what we’re allowing in this country.

      • polmutant

        nobody will do anything. the men in this country have become neutered. all live in fear, of the authority of federal agencies, and consider this: 380million sheople, 150million on federal subsidy, of the rest 60-65% work for local/state/federal government. so consider the size of the body of sheoples that will not be able to feed themselves/sustain the “quality” of life the now posses. they would rather suck teet and be slaves than live free.
        “the sheoples cry out day and night ” take our wool, eat or children, only leave us grass to eat”.

      • Flybob

        The site shut me down again!!! They can sick my duck! I spent 20 minutes replying to your letter and they stopped it!!!

      • polmutant

        America as we knew it is gone. until the tree of liberty is watered, all I can say is welcome to Amafrika, home of enslaved, land of the depraved.

    • Henry

      You are absolutely right this president has been breaking laws almost on a monthly basis or even more regular. There does not seem to be anyone able to stop him the spineless no gonad republicans just come out and loudly respond and then go back in their hole and think “that problem solved”

      • Washington22

        The Constitution has NEVER been challenged like Obama has challenged it. Our other branches of government seem NOT to know what to do? Obviously there are a few corrections that need to be made. Obama’s presidency will insure this happens…….

      • Rattlerjake

        Don’t be fooled, they know what to do but refuse to do it. The libturd controlled senate obviously will do nothing, and most of the repubs are more worried about their political position than doing what is right.

      • Washington22

        Rattler, I don’t see it that way………Agreed, they refuse to do it…..but why? They have been intimidated, threatened, and more than likely, blackmailed. They are afraid to do anything and you can see it on their faces. I’m speaking of the RINOS, and the career politicians. { they are so outta’ there in 2014 } The “newbies” are lose cannons and unpredictable…….The Tea Party people…….the Allen Wests, et, al…………I have no doubt that there are plans being made……Ted C, Mike Lee, Rand, Marco………none of these people are stupid. All of them know what’s at stake. They are biding their time and planning each move. Have faith, I am……..Notice how they carefully avoid “impeachment talk” because it would become the issue and NOTHING can be done without the votes. My guess is that the day after the elections of 2014, IMPEACHMENT will be filed, or better yet, CRIMINAL CHARGES………

    • Shamas

      He’s been breaking USA laws ever since he illegally stepped off the airplane from Kenya in the mid 1970’s.

    • azrt

      since birth or hatching or where ever he sprang from -

  • John Galt

    What is the Court and Roberts going to do? Just get down no their knees and kiss Obama’s as$!

    • SheNemo

      They already have!!!

      • Washington22

        Is that a border collie puppy? I have one that is 15 years old…………They are the BEST

      • W_R_Monger

        Do they bark all of the time at nothing the way Corgis do? We almost got a Border Collie but ended up with a barking, shedding Corgi.

      • Washington22

        ah, one of my favorite topics. Hi, Monger. Like ALL breeds, they certainly can be barkers. You have to know how to pick out that puppy…….I do. . I’ve only been fooled once in all the years. They can be very hyper and barkie……The trick is picking out a quiet one. But of the many dogs and breeds I’ve owned over the years, the border collie is by far the smartest, most thoughtful, if you can believe that, and obedient to a fault. I’d never own any other breed now that I’ve found the best { for my needs } I have a small piece of property, and I need a farm dog type. One that is protective and will stay home, and small enough to be in the house…… the border collie fits well. He’s a little bit of a biter in that, he watches and is wary and if need be, he’ll go for the ankles, so where I live, rather isolated, that’s what I want. He won’t do much damage, but he’ll scare the dickens out of a person trespassing. He is the ultimate dog. By the way, he has a beautiful, silky coat, not too thick, just right.

      • W_R_Monger

        It’s one of those situations where the dog is the best alarm system money can by and the owner is the one to be feared, the deterrent. That’s how it is at my house. Our corgi is fiercely loyal and protective but is completely out gunned if even an unarmed intruder invaded our home or property. She doesn’t have a “small dog” bark so she’s the first line of defense. My wife chose the corgi but I’m sure she still wants a border Collie or a Queensland Heeler. We only have a half acre but it’s enough for a small herd dog to release some energy on. Soon we’ll have a horse here as well, a Morgan. I’m glad that you’ve found your perfect dog. We are now looking for something like a Weimaraner, I had one a long time ago and they’re a great multi purpose dog. Can’t wait to go hunting again. I used to hunt, it’ll take a few years of training the dog but it will be something I can pass onto my daughter and nephews.

        Take care Washington22 and God bless you and yours.

      • SheNemo

        No, a Siberian Husky, and those baby blues, as we call them, are more like snow white, my baby, but allllll grown up now!
        He came from a line of Royalty, then I took him to the Vet………
        So he does not know who nor “what” he is.
        I have friends with Border Collies, they are VERY smart dogs too!
        This one really is smart, some people can’t believe what he does or knows.
        Thank you.
        God Bless.

    • polmutant

      no they just want their muslim brotherhood cards, just like congress, senate, and joint chiefs of staff.

  • Ripper10

    When you break the law you go to jail, throw the SOB in jail.

  • Drosack

    Hobama Choom needs his ass kicked.

  • Patrick Henry

    Why is the supreme court afraid of obama??? I dont understand??? If he broke the law then he is to be IMPEACHED and returned back to Kenya!!!!

    • Mr_DAA

      No return to Kenya. Prison for life.

      May as well set two precedents with this utter scumbag.

      • polmutant

        wrapped in pigskin and hung along with the rest of the Ditrict of Communists that support it. much better precedent and good case and settled law for future political puppets.

      • IHateLibs


    • Wrighton63

      Maybe the NSA has some DIRT on several judges, like they did to several military officers.

      • colleenf

        I have no doubt it is most likely a combination of knowledge of things people do NOT want out and quite possibly a few Chitcago type threats thrown in.

      • sonny

        Mobs and Chicago THUGS don’t have to “have dirt” on anyone. They’re just bullies that need their ass kicked.

    • IHateLibs

      Fear of RACE RIOTS . That’s Also the reason he got away with NOT showing Any Proof of Who he Was… aka a FRAUD ILLEGAL from KENYA

      • polmutant

        race riot? 4weeks and most the color is gone, and that wipes out their voting block.

      • mbnick

        You mean those millions of hollow points Obama bought last year?

      • antiliberalcryptonite

        88% against 12%…not a problem. And the 12% would only really be about 9% as approx. 3% are self-sufficient, intelligent and FOR America, not against.

      • W_R_Monger

        The “race riots” will last about as long as the booze does. If the feds declare marshal law the
        shipments may cease and their courage to riot ceases as well. I’d give them maybe a month.

    • Winston

      It’s the shadow government they’re afraid of. Lives mean nothing to the committee of 300.

    • sonny

      Most of congress is afraid of him, too. I think that the only ones with any balls up there are the tea party people. I.E. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul.

    • Rattlerjake

      NO, we need to indict him, not impeach him – besides he cannot legally be impeached because he is not legally in office. He needs to be tried in court for felony crimes and treason, found guilty, and then hanged. Sending him to prison or back to kenya just means he will eventually return and be another clinton! (I don’t capitalize names or places that I have no respect for!)

  • Chiron_Venizelos

    So, the Supreme Court is going to tell the rest of us what we already know? Is that supposed to make us think justice will be served by Mr. 0bama being thrown into jail or executed for treason?
    No, I rather think this will be yet another instance of where the American Citizen has his/her nose rubbed into the fact that our government is a criminal enterprise and we just have to like it or lump it.
    Those who are astute know that we have been living in a state of de facto anarchy ever since our so-called “elected representatives” failed to uphold the laws they’d sworn to uphold.

  • Mr_DAA

    Ya think?

    You don’t have to rest yourASS on the Supreme Court to know the whole of Obama and his administration are law breaking fascist wannabes.

  • Washington22

    Want to place any bets as to the SC and where they’ll come down? I have lost all faith in the system and am holding my breath until the 2014 elections. Pray for out nation.

    • FrankC

      I have serious doubts the 2014 elections will take place. As things are going, the Republicans will gain seats in the House and retake the Senate. At that point, provided any of them have a backbone, everything Obama has done will begin to be rolled back. He can’t allow that to happen.

      • colleenf

        I think 2014 elections will happen, but fraught with so much fraud and claims of racism in red states that it will make your head swim!
        What I have serious concerns about is the 2016 presidential elections.
        Obama made a comment not too long ago that he was not ready to leave DC in 2016…….and if you will just listen to his previous and present speeches, he WILL tell you what he has planned and is doing.
        He likes to give little hints….like a game.

      • patriotforrevo

        You mean like “I want to fundamentally change the country” kind of thing!
        Also, Don’t worry G. Soros & V. Jarrett will take care of the elections just like 2012!

      • mbnick

        Will all depend on the lazy voters. If they let the moochers and fraud voters outvote them again then prepare to put your hands up and keep them up.

      • colleenf

        One thing that has to stop is the ones who, once a person has been chosen as the Republican nominee, they stay home as they didn’t get the person they thought more deserving (or whatever!)!
        I am tired of having to hold my nose and vote for the lesser of the two evils, but it is now down to this: are we ready to stand up and actually SAVE our country from these incompetents…from the socialists/marxists??????
        My point: we have got to vote in mass AGAINST them!!
        And then hold our elected officials feet to the fire to keep their promises to those of us who actually pay their bills!

      • mbnick

        We always have to vote for the lessor of two evils in politics as no candidate ever agrees with each of us 100%. But you absolutely right. We must now vote these greedy control freak Pandercrats out before they destroy the USA.

      • Washington22

        I’d like to see him stop it. Our Constitution is still the number ONE law of the land. America won’t stand for much more and he knows it. If he’s willing to take it to the mat, then so are we.

      • FrankC

        It would be easy for him. We have a serious and deepening racial issue in this country, simmering for now but getting worse. Sometime in late September or early October of 2014 watch for the violence to explode. Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and Jackson will incite an out right race war, and use that to declare martial law. Once declared, Obama will “reluctantly” suspend the 2014 elections since it will be too dangerous, and too many people will be “disenfranchised” by the violence. At that point the violence will drastically escalate as We The People fight back, but Obama is arming all of his Federal agencies whilst simultaneously destroying our military from the inside out. It will get very bloody. But look at the arming of the Federal agencies, the purging of our dedicated military officers, the drastic reduction in effectiveness of our military in general, the number of people on food stamps, and the increasing level of black on white violence, and then try to say there is no connection and no danger looming in our future.

      • Washington22

        All valid points. It won’t work on us, though. We won’t buy an orchestrated, contrived situation. The race thing is bad and shaky, but they only represent how much of the overall population? 13% or something? That won’t do as an excuse for suspending things or martial law………America will storm the gates The truckers and the bikers are small compared to the crowds that will appear. Obama is NOT a GOD, even tho he thinks he is……..he can be toppled and jailed…………

      • FrankC

        But, take half a dozen major cities plus a number of smaller ones. Think Chicago, LA, DC, NYC, and a bunch more. Now run major riots in all of them just weeks before the elections. The liberals will all demand the elections be pushed back until the situation has calmed down, because too many people will be unable to vote otherwise. Now, that definitely provokes the rest of us (me too) into taking action, and now you do have the situation Obama is after. We either stand and fight, or roll over and play dead, but either way Obama gets his excuse. I do believe the Democrats are going to take a pasting in the next election, they know it is coming, they know it will roll back all of their “achievements” over the last 5 years, and they do not love this country enough to pass up the chance to destroy it. I keep looking at the arming of the Federal agencies, the corrupting of our police departments, the corrupting of our military, the massive increase in people dependent on the government for their survival, and I keep saying this can not possibly be a coincidence.

      • Washington22

        Frank, I’m not gonna’ let myself go there…….I’m not gonna’ project. Otherwise I’ll join the hysteria, which I could easily cave into. I’m going to take one step at a time, keep my council , and pray to my Lord. Even his closest communist-advisers aren’t going to advise him to challenge the populace………It won’t work out for him…………

      • FrankC

        OK. I am looking at the progression of the last 5 years, and seeing a snowball rolling downhill….

      • Washington22

        and I’m looking at it hitting a power pole………..smash……….exploded, non-existant…..Keep the faith, Frank………..I’ll buy you a beer and we can have a beer summit of our own.

      • Washington22

        I’d like to see him stop it. We will be emboldened with the MAJORITY. The Republic will survive……….

      • Ted Crawford

        Given the recent action in the Senate, Obama now has the unfettered ability to appoint the Judges(?) to the Federal courts that will, necessarily, hear all voter fraud claims. Sometime during the lifetime of your Grand Children a decision will probably be announced on these cases!

    • Compte de Grasse

      Pity that since the government and elections have been so completely perverted by Øbama and His Goons, to clean out the vermin squatting in the White House will require secession and civil war.

      • Washington22

        Maybe NOT

      • Compte de Grasse

        Our hope for “not” becomes evermore idealistic. Multiple acts committed by this Regime daily drive us to this point……

      • Washington22

        I hear ya’. It’s difficult not to get riled……..we certainly have reason to be. Let’s see how hard they’re willing to push………

  • nogard1951

    Impeach, convict, execute.

    • IHateLibs

      Sounds like a PLAN to me . They STILL HANG Traitors don’t they ??

      • colleenf

        Like I said: I agree completely………………but WHO will step up and start the process?????
        I think it will have to come from We The People.

      • beelp

        No, “they” don’t. If that were true we wouldn’t still be seeing and hearing Jane Fonda.

      • antiliberalcryptonite


    • LeSellers

      Conviction on an impeachment is limited to removal from office (and holding future office).

      Execution must come following a separate conviction in a criminal court.

      Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend
      further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and
      enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States: but
      the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to
      Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to Law
      — Article 1, Section 3, Clause 7

      Mr. Magoo O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

  • George Gootee

    Obama IS above the law. He repeatedly breaks constitutional laws and gets away with it. No one seems to care, not congress, not the courts, not the media. He’ll continue unabated

    • colleenf

      Correct. He breaks the laws repeatedly bypassing Congress constantly…and that does not just include executive orders and unconstitutional appointments.
      But who is going to stop him?
      Certainly not wimpy, spineless Boehner or McConnell!

      • Lew

        But who is going to stop him? Answer; WE the PEOPLE have a duty to stand up for OUR CONSTITUTION and OUR FREEDOM! OUR Freedom has never been FREE! The fight will never end as long as we have the likes of MR.B.O.and OLD HARRY and The nut job OLD NANCY to deal with. And there will always be some nut job just like them to deal with.

      • colleenf

        I would be more than happy to stand with EVERYONE if we could get organized.
        It will take a very, very brave person to start the ball rolling.
        But I will admit to significant fear of what will happen.

      • Washington22

        Who is going to stop him? Apparently it is left to the voters At this point the House doesn’t have the majority so they can’t do much except bide their time until 2014. We have to give them the power……….I can hardly wait. I want to see the look on Obama’s face when her realizes he’s hog tied. Oh, he’ll be thinking of ways around it, but it’ll be too late. We’ll have the votes. I hope the very next day, Congress will present the Impeachment papers…………Then I want to see his sorry-assed-face…………

      • Ted Crawford

        Boehner, AKA: The Crying Ohioan, is far too busy wiping his eyes and his backside, in no apparent order, While McConnell is busily attacking Republican Supporters!

    • Winston

      He has protectors in very high places. Illuminati.

  • TheNoNothingPresident

    Agree, Impeach and hang.

  • IHateLibs

    Then THROW his FRAUD ILLEGAL TREASONOUS COMMIE KENYA MUZZY ASS in PRISON and Try him for Said FRAUD and TREASON and Other Felony acts . Then as a TRAITOR should be HUNG

    • Clayton Sibley

      aye men

  • Edwin Knight

    He continues to break laws, why is he not being removed and punished !

    • colleenf

      No guts in DC to stand up to him and his thugocracy.
      They are afraid of being called racists, bigots…..afraid of the ensuing race wars………just plain afraid of obama and his thugs. It is a stacked deck against us.

      • rosech

        I prefer this with respect to O not being removed by anyone: If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. This seems more apt about our Congress as so many are registered communists and socialists.

      • colleenf

        True words.

    • bob machaffy

      Nothing wil get done as long as senile Harry Reid holds the highest cards

      • LeSellers

        Unfortunately, Reid is not senile.

        Much worse, he’s a “true believer”. He believes government is the answer to every problem. He believes that welfare is the same as charity. He believes that bureaucrats are better at choosing what you need than you are.

        He’s wrong, but he believes it. He’s much worse than a tyrant because he will never stop “do-gooding” since his conscience is prodding him forward to help you, while the tyrant may, at one point, decide he’s evil.

        Mr. Magoo O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

      • colleenf

        Reid is just a nasty little troll of a poor excuse for a man!

      • LeSellers

        You are probably right, but what I said, and what you’ve said, are not mutually exclusive.

        Most progessives/liberals/communists are “nasty little troll[s] [and] poor excuse[s] for [men]” (possibly excepting liberal women).

        Mr. Magoo O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

      • colleenf

        Very true!

  • James Andrews

    Let’s hope the court does the right thing and deem these moves illegal. Until then, there is not much we can do, but to continue to call our Reps and write, and demand answers.

  • patriotds1

    So put him in prison already !!

    • mbnick

      Talk about if I had a dream!

  • DAY8293A

    They won’t dare stand up against King Barry. He and the libtard democrats own them all. The NSA has dirt on everyone, and guns to the heads of any of their loved ones.

  • rosech

    So what? no one ever gets removed, do they? Now, if the SC sent in fed marshals to haul their rearends out, that would be justice rendered.

  • johnanaguski

    If he truly broke the law it is definitely time for impeachment.

    • mbnick

      The moochers will riot and we get incompetent Biden but Obama’s Impeachment is LONG over-due.

  • danclamage

    So what’s the punishment for violating the Constitution Obama swore to uphold and protect? Demand an apology? Or demand his resignation? I obey the law, and so must every politician we’ve entrusted with great power. When they misuse that power, they must be immediately removed from office, if not jailed, to protect our laws.

  • gmhunt4

    Roberts will approve ALL Obama’s appointments……he is in Obama’s unzipped pants……..

  • RockyMtn1776

    THIS is news ? It’s been happening for years and the Supremes are just now finding out about it?
    Do not expect any government agency to do ANYTHING about this, it’s not going to happen !
    If anything is to be done it will be up to the American people, IF they care enough to do it.

  • Goodforall

    This usurper will not follow the Constitution-he thinks he is above the law. I have never seen a more blatant abuse of power from this fake in chief. He should be removed immediately for high treason-he is a true enemy of the state.

  • gbandy

    The only way to rid this Nation of the worst most corrupt President in history is to fill the Senate and House will Republicans and impeach him. There is no law Obama could break up to and including High Treason that would make Harry Reid dump him, Reid and the Democrats will continue to defend Obama no matter what he does. Now remember we must vote all Democrats out of office in 2014 or loe this Nation.

    • colleenf

      The one thing everyone is forgetting is Eric Holder. If these appointments were already considered unconstitutional, even though it is still on appeal to the Supreme Court, WHY has Holder not marched them out of their unconstitutional offices????????
      Remember: Holder has sided repeatedly with obama and the executive orders to ignore DOMA, and existing immigration laws.
      Remember: Holder stopped the prosecution of the Black Panthers voter intimidation of 2008 elections. He has also made inroads into trying to force states to decrease or ignore mandatory sentences for drug and other convictions.
      Remember: Holder has/is suing every state that has changed their voter ID laws to include picture ID requirements!

    • del

      Something must be done about the old soros rigged machines, no voter id in some states, dead folks names voting, multiple voters, illegals voters, etc etc. Till this is corrected the scumbags will continue winning by cheating as they did for ovomit 2 times and franken, etc….remember how they disallow military votes but suddenly find lost votes in some dopeocrats car trunk!

      • bobbill

        This Franken guy is a joke a true comedian watched him on CSPAN this guy has no idea what is going on just votes Democrat everything I don’t think he can read not to smart.

      • Ann Rand

        Another election thief

    • John Galt

      The only nonviolent means to turn the country around is to vote ALL, (and I do mean ALL!), members of the Democrat party out of office, in EVERY election for the rest of our lives. This includes every level of government down to “dog catcher”, not one must be allowed any power! Politics also works from the ground up!

  • agbjr

    “Whatever government is not a government of laws, is a despotism, let it be called what they may.”

    Daniel Webster
    August 25, 1825

    • Compte de Grasse

      A Country which abandons its Constitution, soon will cease to exist.

  • mbnick

    Obama could care less what the Court rules. Now that the Reid Senate says he can do anything he wants, if the Court rules against them Obama will simply submit their names to the Senate who will approve them and Obama beats the Courts again.
    This anti taxpayer Reid Senate must be cleaned out in 2014.

    • cuchieddie

      I do believe hairy read has earned a one way ticket to the guillotine.

  • ExposeDEMLiars

    The Constitution is outdated….. You don’t need guarantees that limit the power of government…. what you need is a government that can make all your decisions for you. Just ask any liberal. (Sarcastic)
    The Constitution provides for a balance of powers between the three branches. Each is CO-EQUAL and each has the power to selectively limit the others. Congress passes laws, but they aren’t law until the President signs them. Congress can override Presidential vetoes. Both branches are equal in power, yet the liberals have morphed us into a dictatorship where Congress (the Senate half mostly) does whatever the President tells them to do.
    What about the SC? They can declare laws are not valid because they violate the Constitution. But who balances the power of the SC? It has never been done, but according to Thomas Jefferson, the Congress can completely defund the SC if they get too powerful.

  • daveveselenak

    We have the new, smooth, hip Hitler in the “Outhouse” that must be put, head first, where he belongs! He must be made to go, if not what is left of the country goes – got that?

  • patriotforrevo

    Let’s start a new “KNOCK OUT GAME” but our rules will be a little different. AMMO UP People!

  • Ramesses II

    If he broke the law and is in violation of RICO he is not above the law and needs to be Nixonated.

    • slidenglide

      You are a dreamer! Haven’t you learned by now that HE”s above the laws of our country? You are right about what should be, but don’t hold your breath. The congress is in his control and the RINO’s aren’t going to do anything.

  • Peter Furman


    If a President breaks the Law repeatedly or even once isn’t that grounds for IMPEACHMENT? I mean this guy is on videotape making promises about ACA then changing the law as a dictator without Congressional approval! Throw in when he broke the War Powers Act when he sent force into Libya without Congressional approval and “revesing the Federal Law on illegal immigration by dictate without Congressional approval and we all know Benghazi,Fast and Furious,the N.S.A. spying,the use of the I.R.S. and Homeland Security to extort,to intimidate,to abuse along with refusing to submit the information Congress asked for on ANY of his Potentially High Crimes and Misdemeanors are all IMPEACHABLE offenses noyt to mention so many more!

    It is the DUTY of the Legislative branch and the Judicial Branch to REMOVE Obama,Holder,Pelosi,Reid and all of those involved in any,all of these crimes against the People! PERIOD

    • Carol Springer

      yes but that don’t happen here with his budys there to block any attempt to file charges on him

      • Peter Furman

        That Carol is why we ARE here!

        L.B.J.,Nixon,Clinton, and every President in my lifetime have “Broken” the Law to some degree! Every one of them has usurped the power the Constitution gives them and NOT ONE has been held accountable to the full extent of the Law. This is why every one of them lies,cheats and exponentially eviscerates America to some degree with Obama being the Cancer metastasized to Stage 4. The last stage where the victim dies a horrible death.

        There have been “miracles” where the victim survived but it took Radical surgery which is what the American people and ALL of those sworn to represent us MUST be made to do the “surgery” or America will die!

        There can be NO FREEDOM,No Opportunity,No present,No future,NO American Dream turned Nightmare where there is NO LAW!

  • R.L. Nelson

    Does it really matter since our government is being controlled by the United Nations agendas. To make a perfect order of nations under 1 law and government, the United the publication 7277 of 1961. It explains the agenda the United Nations and the US government have planned for us.

  • Ted Crawford

    I only see two major problems here. First, given the recent action within the Senate to eliminate the possibility of the Filibuster, it doesn’t matter what the Supreme Court decides, these three quislings will remain in position!
    Secondly, with Chief Judical Legislator John Roberts as the leader of the Court, Obama would probably have prevailed in any case!

  • deathoffreedom

    Yes this President needs to be put in his place, somehow he thinks he is a Dictator. The American people need to fight this Obamacare law as well. It is completely unconstitutionsl, first it was done behine closed doors in the early morning hour with not one Republican vote, it was basically jammed through they knew all along the plan was to put the insurance companies out of business and force the American people to get their insurance from the GOV. Then after this law is signed Obama starts making changes, some people don’t have to participate, people and groups are excluded, deals are made while the rest of us are told YOU HAVE TO HAVE OBAMACARE, this is all wrong and just the fact that Obama, who believes he is Dictator Obama, has changed a law when he does not have the authority to do so should kill the law right there. We need some strong Constitutionalist Lawyers to represent the people who do not want this obamacare and should not be forced to take it. This is an abuse of power, it should not be allowed, if the table was turned the Dems and liberal progressives would be having diarrhea all over the palce. It is a disgrace what this President and this Administration has done to this country and continue to do. All the lies, the neglect of our people in Benghazi, the IRS, the over spending, lavish vacations, this shows that Obama cares nothing about this country or the people, he is in power and he wants to show the world how he can bring down the greatest country and have the people like sheep praising him because he lavishes them with entitlements and then turns the people against each other. The American people need to unite, they need to understand that the future of America for their children is at stake and is under attack from within.

  • jalina susan stutte

    the Supreme Curt have been compromised with Obama black mailing Judge Roberts over his illegal adoptions of his two Irish born children and he will side on the side of Obama. We need public executions for treason when this war is over. And it is a war against good and evil.


    Stop the registration for Obamas health care system at least until 2016.They are asking for to many personal information what can be turned over to the illegal invaders and grossly can hurt the citizens of the United States. Why it is that our human rights organizations and all the law makers don’t stop this bunch of equally acting to the Hitler youth terrorists probably affiliated with the black panthers. I am sure if they would be whites within seconds would have been stopped. Where are all the white politicians? Who are scared God forbid they might be called racist. and speak out about it Where are you Obama why don’t you stop it. Are you the supposed to be president?

  • Freedom?

    Impeach him. Recall the legislators. And fire the supreme court justices.

  • Sharon Jones

    Well I am getting tired of waiting.

  • wildeagleone

    I would hope this is the foundation of the laws this maniac has broken and the house will come crashing down on him and those in the Dem(ON)crat party that have been backing him at every turn, knowing he has been breaking the law all the way through this presidency

  • John_Eidsmoe

    All sides seem to be missing something here. Article II §2 says “The President shall have Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate… .”
    Note it does not say the President may fill vacancies that have not been filled before the Senate goes into recess. Rather, he has the power to fill vacancies that happen during the recess. In other words, the position must become vacant during the recess. If a position becomes vacant while the Senate is in session, the President may not wait until a recess and then exercise his power to make recess appointments.
    Obama is not the first President to violate this provision of the Constitution, but his violations have been the most flagrant.

  • CTConservatives47

    It is reprehensible that partisan hacks in the Democrat Party condone Obama’s egregious and unconstitutional behavior out of blind party loyalty. They would trash the Constitution to keep their hold on power. The NLRB appointments are part of the master plan of appeasing each of the radical special interest groups in their camp to keep their colaition in power. In the union sphere, an essential part of that is increasing the ability of uniion thugs to force union membership upon workers and take dues by force to fund their corrupt candidates. Time for a Nationl Right to Work law to end this 77-year abuse caused by the National Labor Relations Act.

  • rosemarienoa

    King oblamo doesn’t care about the law or the constitution!!! He thinks he’s above the law!!!

    • beagal

      Yup! It’s “Aboutme”!

      • rosemarienoa

        It’s all about him……the king!!!

    • blessedtruth

      Hard to argue.

      Look at laws he breaks daily!

  • Old1946vet

    The President will just “say” the Senate was in recess because he says it is. Just ask the media.

  • gbandy

    The reality is just look at every State and City controlled by the Democrats. Like Detroit and Chicago. The most corrupt wasteful and both facing huge unfunded liabilities from Pensions and mismanagement. Now the big question is how do we fix this and the answer is we all must join together and vote all Democrats out of office. Certainly there are areas which will want to keep them like all the Ghettos but for even the Blacks with a 20% unemployment rate they must someday realize living in the Democrat plantations giving them welfare certainly is not a life but only a payment for their blind voting.

  • bobbill

    The house of reps know this how come they don’t do anything just like ACA congress has the purse to distribute the money starve the beast. Sometimes I think Republicans want what Dem’s want to screw the tax payer. The Libya thing was unconstitutional Republicans should have impeached him then same thing with Benghazi not one Dem went to jail for murder or neglect of duty not one was responsible Barry Soetoro read about it in the morning paper , if you believe that your a true Dem Liberal.

  • Jarveck

    If a President is guilty of malfeasance of office as this one definitely is, Who has the specific authorized duty under our Constitutional Democratic Republican form of Government to remove that President from office, even bodily if necessary? Congress, Supreme Court, Military, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, and etc. All have the sworn duty to uphold and defend the Constitution but appear to either feel helpless or indifferent in doing so. Is this a weakness of this form of Government that would permit a treasonable President (un-named) even to remain in office?

    • Breezeyguy

      Article 1 Sec 2: “The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.”

      Article 1 Sec 3: “The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.”

      Note that TWO-THIRDS of the Senate is required to convict. So it’s not going to happen folks. It used to be that impeachment alone was such a shame, that presidents would quit rather than face just the House. But Clinton had no shame, and Obama has less, so they didn’t don’t care. Impeachment in the House without a convicting Senate just makes it look like bullying.

  • jong

    Of course ole jug ears will explain it all away. It was Bush’s fault.(LOL)

  • marineh2ominer

    No one in Washington has the guts to punish Obamass for his constitutional or any other transgressions because of the race cards , so if anything is done at all it will be LESS than a hand slap .

    • Most Rev. Gregori

      I believe it goes deeper then just the fear of the use of the race card. I have a feeling every member of Congress (House and Senate) and all the judges and justices are afraid of something far worse and far more dangerous then the race card, and it certainly is NOT we the people. Exactly what or who it is, I am not sure, but it has every Democratic Western government running scared.

      • azrt

        Soros and the shadow puppet masters?

      • joepotato

        The shadow govt has ways… they can accident you or suicide you… Examples are the Hasting’s car crash and the Philip Marshall “murder suicide”… Those are just some recent ones… but wait there’s more….

    • Bonnie Somer

      that is y it is our job to demand it be done b/c we the people run the govt and it is time we get up and go to DC and make the demands loud and clear and it is the House that starts it but we know Hitler Harry will not approve it…………………….the Supreme Court must demand it for his ignoring of the constitution alone

  • donl

    American laws and the constitution does NOT meet his requirements for turning the USA into a Socialists country. They mean nothing to him.

    • Maranatha2011

      I agree, partially. The law means nothing to him, as he demonstrates daily. However, the Constitution means a lot. He hates it with a passion, as he does the Bill of Rights.

  • Val

    OBAMA needs his azz kicked right out of OUR WH and Oval office. He is a CRIMINAL , and should be treated like one.

  • Joseph P. Martino

    When in the course of human events. . . .

  • Herman L. McCloud

    What does the supreme court intend to do about these laws of rule which have been broken,
    compromised, abused and ignored by “obama” and his administration of puppets, Just to sit
    and do nothing about it is absolutely no solution to the problem and if that is the only political
    attitude taken by any of our governmental offices only signify that their purpose is of no direct
    or indirect benefit to our country or to the tax payer and should be therefore eliminated in the
    best interest for our country and for the people thereof. Perhaps we could even eliminate the
    office and title of president and in it’s place select a queen or a king but why stop there, We
    could redirect our political offices, “most of which we really don’t need to occupy, function, or
    maintain for governmental operations and productivities, Bottom line is that we do have other
    choices and alternatives to repair and even replace our governmental agencies without the
    occurrence of being forced into the surroundings and position of socialistic and communistic
    forms of government run by a dictator with appointed laws, bylaws, rules and regulations are
    declared by the dictator and enforced through the military, militia or special interest group or
    groups appointed by a dictator. We need to get “Obama” out of our government before we
    end up losing our country and freedom. !

  • joepotato

    The (published) book of (most of) Soetorobama’s violations of law and impeachable offenses was handed out to congress… I wonder if they bothered to read any of it… It probably doesn’t include his (alleged) fraudulent LFBC, etc. So what have the butt sniffers in DC done…? Zip, zero, nada…

  • pduffy

    The ‘moral’ of the story? Never appeal to a man (or woman) wearing a black robe. The righteous wear white.

    • CJM2

      Many of the “righteous” wearing white are just as culpable in crime as those wearing black. The conflict of the “bad” wearing black and the “good” wearing white is a concept of hollywood’s ideal in the fight of good vs evil.

      • pduffy

        Actually no. It’s biblical. The color of your garments matters. (Revelation 4:4, 7:9, 7:13-14). Please tell me, which of the judges of this world wears a white robe? You can only get one of those if it’s given to you by God. The righteous are not ‘culpable’, otherwise they are not righteous.

      • CJM2

        I disagree with you pduffy. Many say they are “righteous” but they really aren’t. God doesn’t care what color your clothes are as long as you believe in Him.

  • golface12949

    It’s about time that the courts hold Obama to the Constitution. He studied it for 10 years just to find out how he could get around it. He is the most devious President that this country has ever had and the people are seeing that now. Too bad we have to put up with him for three more years. Killing Obamacare will be a great start to his demise.

  • M. Fazio

    This will be a first (with all those who have been appointed by the fox who guards the Hen House), they will rule that he broke the LAW? Roberts is such a Turncoat, and Kennedy, I am not sure how the Black Robe Elitist will vote,

  • Politically Incorrect

    Supreme? It’s this administration’s judicial tool to officially ‘Super Size It’, those justices just follow his lead. After all their opinion of Obamacare was favorable, and looking at the outcome now, we can see not too much thought went into their final decision. These court jesters are more interested in petti cases and intentionally allow the important constitutional cases or actions that affect the freedom of this country as a whole slide by the wayside like a discarded valise.

  • bob

    obama broke the law then he should be forced to resign his office or be arrested and impeached.

    • CJM2

      Both impeachment and arrest should be enforced; impeachment only removes him from office so any legal charges would have to be settled by arrest and trial in our regular criminal courts.

      • MARYANN33

        So who is going to arrest him?????

      • blessedtruth

        10,000 armed KKK members!

      • pineapple

        You can bet it won’t be Eric Holder.

      • blessedtruth



      • Breezeyguy

        According to Art 1 Sec 3 of the Constitution, by impeachment he cannot be punished further than being removed from office. But after that, further charges could indeed be laid. “Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to
        removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office
        of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States: but the Party
        convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial,
        Judgment and Punishment, according to Law.”

      • CJM2

        That’s what I said—without quoting the Constitution. But thanks for putting it for all to read.

      • Breezeyguy

        Yes you were and are right. I was at first going to contradict you because of the “not extend further” clause, but then I looked it up and saw the “nevertheless be liable and subject” clause.

  • dinkiedow

    Throw The Idiot In Jail.He is not above the Law!

    • blessedtruth

      Is he not?

  • Centurian2010

    Congress needs to impeach obama, but they are all cowards and corrupt.

    • Breezeyguy

      The house could bring impeachment, but the senate won’t convict him. Even if the Repubs take the senate next year, it takes a two-thirds majority to convict.

      Art 1 Sec 3 of the constitution: “The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. … When the
      President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall
      preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two
      thirds of the Members present.”

      But yes, too many corrupt senators don’t care about the truth or justice. They didn’t go for truth against Clinton and they won’t go against Obama, certainly never 67% of them.

      • kibitzer3

        But it can accomplish a major good, as a teachable moment, Breezyguy; with all the facts laid out for everyone to see, and dared to be denied.

      • Breezeyguy

        I would love that, and if it could succeed would go full steam ahead, but I disagree. Impeachment proceedings would just bring out cries of “racists!”, and make him the victim, and would distract from the catastrophe that his administration and obamacare are. He really wants distractions right now.

        And the teaching moment would come when the Senate refuses to convict and the media cries out “republicans are failures”.

        And the facts won’t get laid out for everyone to see. The witnesses would lie, and the media would circle the wagons. The exception to that being right now, in the obamacare debacle. Let the people and the media see just what a lying prick this SOB has been, and how they’ve been suckered and have enabled him. Don’t distract everybody with (a doomed) impeachment circus.

        Anyway, good people can disagree about this. But just becasue the house doesn’t pursue impeachment proceedings doe not mean they are all corrupt.

      • kibitzer3

        Valid points, all A couple of comments.

        1) I actually don’t believe in going – trying to go – the Impeachment route myself, but for different reasons. a) He isn’t a legitimate president (I won’t go into the ‘natural born citizen’ ‘debate’ here; suffice it to say that the case for his ineligibility on that count is a solid one), and that would give him a veneer of legitimacy, i.e., you can’t impeach a non-president; and b) That route doesn’t allow us American constitutional Republic patriots the opportunity to toss out all the legislation that the Usurper has signed into law, and all the Executive Actions and Presidential Directives, etc. that he has issued, and all the appointments that he has made.
        Thus, the best way to go is for him simply to be removed – legally – on criminal charges (along with his very provably criminal buddies, like Holder), and be held for trial. But I mentioned the ‘case’ that I did, i.e. for impeachment proceedings, in order to indicate the need for all the info about him to come out, not just to consider the difficulty of the matter of removal and simply let him finish his term in office out. Which brings me to my next two points (and then I’m done).

        2) We may not get the chance to SEE him FINISH his term out. Q: What sort of regime would consider patriots and veterans as potential ‘terrorists’, and build up a huge ammo stockpile and order a large no. of MRAPs for domestic use and send up a large no. of drones to keep an eye on the populace at large, and engage in the sort of Total Surveillance that it has instituted via such as the NSA (& now the IRS under ObamaCare)?? A: A regime bent on takeover. To say: On overthrow. On hijack. Not just on the ‘political process’ to be seen through.
        We’re up against revolutionaries. Not two-party-system political opponents. So, action is required before then. And unless the American public oversees a major cleanup of the voting process, of all the disgusting fraud that has been built into it (that the AG is making sure DOESN’T get cleaned up, with such clean-up procedures as (state-issued) photo voter IDs), it ain’t gonna happen via the 2014 elections.
        Such removal action risks response from the Obama legions, whether triggered by impeachment proceedings or other means. But we can’t let that deter us. Because

        3) The bottom line is that Truth is Truth. And it needs to come out, and be stood for. Whatever it takes.

        Whatever it takes.

  • stonemike

    The streets should be full of PROTESTERS instead the ‘unamerican federal govt” illegally brings millions more “illegal foreigners ” daily, in an attempt to negate REAL AMERICANS power!

  • victorbarney

    Remember: “Black is beautiful,” or something like that???

    • linda mcdonald

      If black is beautiful I just shat a masterpiece.

      • victorbarney

        SEE! I told you!

  • bee

    we the people of this once great country must take up arms and take back our country from this scumbag muslim traitor and his corrupt regime in the white house. we don”t have any congress or senate with the balls to take back our government. when we take back this country and our freedoms all these lowlife politicians will be gone.

  • u.s.patriot001

    just remember that justice roberts seems to be a bought man with his rewrite of the heath care law into a tax …. I didn’t know the court could legislate from the bench.

    • chief1937

      It seems they can do just about anything they want these days. Supremes is a joke as far as the constitution goes.

  • Breezeyguy

    So the DC Court ruled… but since then Obama/Reid has busted the senate, so Obama can just appoint new judges to do his bidding at the DC court. The total power grab is under way.

  • downs1

    So? What are the congressional “leaders” going to do about the fact that this fraud has made a mockery of the Constitution since he was fraudulently elected? Answer: Not a damned thing! This nation is going down simply because the leaders have no moral standards, are either corrupt from top to bottom or are inept or both and are simply unable to perform their jobs in any kind of reasonable way. They are politicians, not statesmen!

  • Rod Roberts

    The supreme court will not do anything about it. Remember those two radical commies Obama put on the court?

    • blessedtruth

      Token hispanic and big nosed lesbo?

      Sort of impossible to forget those douches!

  • CJM2

    I am not holding my breath on whether or not the USSC will formally state that ovomit broke the law. Everyone, including all members of Congress and the Judicial Branch, know he has flouted the law; we all know that the incumbents of both the Congressional and Judicial Branch of government are refusing to do anything about it. We are also very much aware that the law enforcement branch of both Federal and State level governments have become lawless and that not one Congressional or Judicial Branch of government at either level is doing anything about this. And they want to know why people no longer trust them—–time to put these jackasses out on their hindends and get someone with gumption and guts to do the right thing by getting rid of their useless unconstitutional laws, policies, regulations, and reestablishing the US CONSTITUTION as the LAW OF THE LAND.

    • Jo Ann

      I certainly agree with this e-mail! I would like to see Obummer impeached!

      • blessedtruth


      • jenna

        GO TO LINDSEY WILLIAMS on Youtube and check out what he has to say…….

  • stephanie wilson

    the court seems hostile to the congress. they have brought numerous cases before the courts but they seem to not care

  • Len Tippett

    Why the surprise. This is what communist dictators do all the time.

  • 83footsailor

    The SUPREME’S are just that – a bunch of 9 useless BENCH SITTERS of ** so called ** experts.

  • AppraisHer

    I couldn’t figure out the Justice Roberts BarryCare verdict, until the NSA spying on American citizens story broke. I know rich judges live very “active” social lives, so it all makes sense now, doesn’t it??

  • MoDeVille

    The guys a jerkoff. What else would you expect? The Supreme Court has a bunch of jerkoffs sitting there too.

  • DaveM

    We the people…….wake up!

  • Tonto

    No doubt in my mind that some of the conservative justices on the Supreme Court have been threatened. That is the only reason that I can figure that they could have come up with that BS ruling about O-care being a “tax”.

    • blessedtruth

      No excuses!

    • Remington 870

      America has been threatened and this corrupt government is not giving up its desire to disarm America…so they can really do bad thing against mostly White Conservative Christians. There is a war, but at the moment it is a silent war. One day, we will have to decide to take action and not sit on our arses writing how distraught we are. Remember…we can die standing up or die on our knees.

      • Troy Berkely

        As the saying goes, a coward dies a thousand times, a hero only dies once!

    • truepatriotintx

      I believe Roberts was allowing congress to undo the mess, but they have refused. He will do the right thing with this new case and this law will be stricken from the books.

  • mallen11

    Since -0 broke the law then do something about it. Most Americans will be happy.

    • blessedtruth

      Really believe that?

      Propaganda campaign working.

      • mallen11

        You mean to say that you believe -0 tells the truth? Where have you been? After he is ruining the lives of millions of Americans with his ill conceived health care system, I am sure “most” Americans will be happy to see him go.

      • blessedtruth

        Misunderstood my comment.

        I agree with what you pointed out.

        Only that most citizens brainwashed.

        By state propaganda outlets like Nothing But Crap (NBC).

      • mallen11

        I appreciate your clearing that up and I agree.

      • crq

        We need to “abort” his “ill conceived health care system”, especially it being just another drain on our nation.

  • usluv

    Throw him out. Any other president pulling what this one has…would be out on his ear….long ago. Black does not mean he is allowed to break our laws….step all over our constitution and bring this country to the dregs.

    • blessedtruth

      Halfbreed not black!

  • pegichase

    I’m not holding my breath. Don’t trust the Supremes to make a constitutional decision correctly anymore.

    • pineapple

      When George Stephanopolis interviewed Barack Obama about Obamacare, Obama INSISTED that the penalty for not buying insurance would be a FINE and NOT a TAX.

      He must have realized that all tax bills MUST originate in the House of Representatives and not the Senate, according to the Constitution.

      Obamacare originated in the Senate, and was the brain child of Harry Reid. It was originally called the Senate Health Care Bill. Reid attached this bill to another bill that came to the Senate from the House concerning the military’s right forhome mortgages, in order to claim that the health care bill originated in the house.

      The Supreme Court decreed that the penalty for not buying insurance was a TAX. THEREFORE IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL, REGARDLESS OF WHAT JUSTICE ROBERTS SAID.

      If the penalty were decreed to be a fine, it would STILL be unconstitutional, because it would have violated the commerce clause of the Constitution by forcing people to buy something they did not want.

      In either case, it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

      • Remington 870

        Roberts has some scandal in his DC closet and Team obama found it for their good use. This Suck-Preme bunch of charlatans has no business deciding anything for America. They are either corrupt or have been corrupted. Remember, DC has more prostitutes than the entire state of Nevada. Rest my case.

      • crq

        I’m trying to be kind here…maybe not 100% of congress, maybe 90%? So there ya go, more callgirls in congress….& that IS another definition of “congress”. Isn’t that where “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” came from?????

      • Remington 870

        Good one. Here is a question for you. Would you allow either a Congressman or Senator to watch small children?

      • crq

        The ones I like & know – you bet (I only count 2)! The rest, I wouldn’t trust ‘em watching a yella dog, much less a human child – are you crazy?
        In short – NO F’n WAY….

        And that goes to the quintillionth power for nObama – ick!!

      • jenna

        YEA and in Nevada they are LEGAL!

      • truepatriotintx

        There is a case making its way to SCOTUS for just this argument. There is hope that Roberts will do the right thing this time. The first time, I believe he wanted to give congress the chance to undo this mess, but they have refused. I don’t think they have anything on him. If this new case gets thrown out, then we will know for sure.

      • pegichase

        Thanks for making my point so clearly that even the dumbest among us should understand.

      • pineapple

        I left out one point. Obama had promised no tax increases on any one making under $250,000 per year, and this could have been another reason for his insistence that the penalty would be a fine instead of a tax.

        He is lower than whale sh*t, which is on the bottom of the ocean.

      • jenna

        Ya think?

  • blessedtruth

    Supreme Court totally corrupt.

    In pocket of halfbreed dictator!

    Will rule how they are told to rule.

    That is the way things are under facism!

    • Remington 870

      Wonder what Thug Team obama has on Roberts? Term limits for these two bit corrupt Suck-preme Justices. Whatever they have on Roberts…it must be a scandal of scandals. One day the People will try these traitors for betraying America.

      • blessedtruth

        Public executions!

        What a glorious day.

      • jenna

        GOD will beat you to it! IF you want a solution read 2 Chronicles 7:14.

  • Jack Parker

    The Odumbo stacked SCOTUS will oppose breaking the law. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • sovereigntyofone

    Of course the SCOTUS would never admit THEY broke the law/constitution by saying Obamacare was a tax now would they. The whole system of government is corrupt and full of ” sell outs “. Normally in times of war which we are currently in, in yester years they would be called ” traitors “.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    • Enubus

      The chief Justice needs to be impeached and jailed for what he did.

      • sovereigntyofone

        WE THE PEOPLE are now paying for allowing anyone in governmental office to be allowed to serve (themselves) for life. I think every office or appointed official should have limited terms in office to help stop the ” riff raff ” from taking over.

      • crq

        And then our congresscritters voted themselves to be paid till they die, but wait, there’s more. They keep getting paid after death (wow), the same amount every year to their surviving spouse. Nice racket.
        Just like they voted FOR ACA/nObamacare for the US public, BUT, not for themselves – AND they are fully subsidized (they voted for it) for the healthcare that they receive. when will the American public wake up & realize these turds are in it for the handout…yep, I’m talking about our congress.

      • jenna

        Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Biden, Holder, Sibelius, they all need to be impeached. All they do is lie. Biden is the reason and Obama THAT navy seals have been murdered. They announced how Bin Laden was killed on national television and guess what. The Seals ended up dead and their families were put in danger. All they cared about was how good it made Obama look.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    So they will admit……WHEN? and furthermore what will they DO about it? NOTHING ! end of story move along!

  • Burton Pauly

    If the Supreme Court lets Obama get by with this power grab this nation will sink even lower. Its hard to believe that our service persons fought for our freedoms and the President has excluded himself from the separation of Power that our constitution is based on. Do your job judges, and lackluster congress.

    • jenna

      CONGRESS’S HANDS ARE TIED! SENATE is controlled by democrats! Votes go from CONGRESS to SENATE and if the SENATE vetoes what the HOUSE wants that’s it. Who do you think controls in the senate? Pelosi, Reid, Biden, etc… they have a majority. If you are going to talk about it tell it like it is!

      • Burton Pauly

        Sorry but I do know about the separation of powers,and I know that what goes through the house isn’t a cinch to be enacted as law, and even if it were to be enacted by both houses, the Potus would veto it. In other words the federal gov. will stay screwed up as long as there is a majority of dummycrats in the senate, and the Potus is a dummycrat.

      • jenna

        Dummycrats is right! You won’t get an argument out of me on that one.

  • Becky

    The ‘supeme bunch of mental midgets’ belongs to obutthead now. They are HIS b itch.

  • asp

    The Bunch on the Superme Court not worth two dead fly’s

  • daves

    If only the senate would give the president’s appointments an up or down vote none of this would be necessary. At least they have to now that the senate rules have changed.

  • blessedtruth

    Obamacare was NEVER about coverage for anyone!

    Please allow me to explain but pay very close attention.

    You are about to enter one of those Steve Ditko dimensions.

    Hussein Obama is a product of vile Chicago, Illinois crime culture!

    Squeeze every cent out of helpless victims by any means possible.

    What better way to gain access to ALL personal info than by this fraud?

    Coordinated by the highest court in land which is as corrupt as Caligula.

    Think Kenyan in White House gives a da mn about uninsured Americans?

    No chance in Hell as Obamacare is simply a means to and end to grand theft.

    The Infernal Revenue Service (IRS) scandal was only a very minor tip to iceberg!

    Never Say Anything (NSA) is in this outhouse too as a willing accomplice to White House.

    Once the information is turned over to the site then it becomes a waiting game for predators!

    Small sums will remain untouched until such time as Windy City thugs decide to raid all accounts.

    When this happens I do not recommend rushing to Erica Holder for satisfaction or any type of justice!

    Soon states will vote not to accept Obamacare which will have the following effect on those on fraud program.

    If woman in Florida on Obamacare but that state plus Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi opted out.

    That means Florida insured will will not be treated in her state, state above her or ones to immediate west of her.

    What that equates to is a Hell of a long journey just to obtain medical treatment which may or may not be provided.

    I have accepted fact that elderly Americans are targeted as are Americans with existing medical conditions.

    Do search on how many elderly Americans fail to leave hospitals after entering with minor medical conditions.

    Folks who scoff at death panels and refuse to believe those in power can be so totally evil are living in denial.

    I have personally seen one of FEMA concentration camps plus lines of coffins constructed for multiple bodies.

    Forget sunshine and lollipops people!

  • jcgreen2

    Barry Soetoro should be impeached and tried for treason. He’s the worst thing that has ever happened to our once great republic.And we may not survive because of him. He must go! It’s imperative.

    • CJM2

      He is also guilty of sedition…never forget that.

  • moparfan54

    Lets face it, he does not care or even understand what powers the Constitution gives him in the Executive Branch of the government. That may explain his collegiate records being sealed, maybe they dont exist, and I only say that because a person that is well versed in the law, would also be expected to respect and follow it.

    • jenna

      He doesn’t care. HE has been placed there to destroy our country! People do not want to think someone could be that evil but he is and so are the ones who put him there. The One World Order is what this is all about. Our only hope is GOD! READ 2 CHRONICLES 7:14 !

  • ziggyman911

    Christie is just as weak as Obama lawless men that refuse to uphold the law marriage act his thoughts on homosexuality people rights muslim getting away with cruel treatment of Christians freedom of speech only goes to the lawless of people no matter defiled they are no to Christie to liberal

  • ziggyman911

    one more thing we have to many immigrants trying to change our laws to fit there sick ways and if u want health care to work it easy its called charity to the poor and the elderly MD. need to make home visit and paid a salary based on there load greed is this nation problem and that greed comes from our leaders a servant to the people Obama care will never work and most already know it they are just hoping but in truth we are destroying our self why do we vote for the rich and think we will get a good deal very few have integrity at all and Obama or Christie come way to short