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  • paulainsc

    Hilarious. Wish they were a little tougher though.

  • Harold

    Fellow fakers! Obamay and interpreter!

    • DrSique

      At least the “terp” is actually black.

  • Ann Rand

    Funny …. Where is the one where he gets kicked in the groin and his face slapped ?

  • TPM

    Obama is the most vain, self absorbed person to ever grace (or is that disgrace) the White House

  • lokiswife

    Gee, their messiah who used to walk on the water now wears cement shoes? Hallelujah, they’ve seen the light (at least a crack of it!)

  • Leah Beckwith

    The radical left rips it own. Gotta love it. This Illegal Narcissist Sociopath Communist Muslim Fraud should be removed. Everything about him is fake. I bet he rented his kids from Aarons Rent to Own.

    • sc

      no they came for Ali’s getem quick store”

  • jong

    I love it. Next week Biden with the Chinese.

  • LAPhil

    I figured they’d do a bit on this in the opening sketch, but I thought they would have had the guy translating everything Obama was saying as just the opposite, e.g., how ObamaCare was turning out to be a complete disaster.

  • joepotato

    Obie and his con job on the USA is being exposed… It’s all over except for the criminal trials and the purging of our congress and federal court system… That will come in due time (hopefully soon)… With the CCP Sheriff’s Kit making DC very nervous, the weasels will pull out all the stops and keep promoting distractions… Those of us aware of the fraud must not allow the propaganda professionals to win … This is a battle that must be won for liberty, or tyranny and slavery will prevail…

  • sc

    well it seems fair to me that he should have phoney sign language person with him, after all his is a phoney himself, hell he doesn’t even know which hospital he was “supposedly” born in.

    • patriotforrevo

      He was born? I thought he was cloned from Hitler’s genes!

  • caskinner

    The world is laughing at clown Obozo.

  • FloridaBoyee

    I love the fact that he got meet with the leaders of all of these countries and probably ran back to his hotel room to see what they were saying about him on their cell phones!