Shell-Shocked GOP Still Fears Obama

They got slammed hard from the last shutdown and fear more of the same. This will hurt their standing with their base though.
Check it out:

Well, this budget deal, I was just telling Mr. Snerdley, folks, I must be honest with you. I’m having trouble getting engaged in it, because I think everybody’s expectations are a bit high here when measured against reality. But I feel duty-bound to discuss this. You know, as I said yesterday, I got e-mail from people thinking that I had shirked my duties as premier talk show host by not talking about this. This is Thursday, so it must have been Monday or Tuesday. And it was clear, I talked to a bunch of people about this. The Republicans are shell-shocked.

Everybody’s trying to understand why the Republicans are doing what they’re doing. They’re shell-shocked. I don’t care, the conservative side, the Boehner side, they’re all just shell-shocked. They have no awareness of the problems that Obama is in. They’ve never seen anything like it.



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