Send in the Drones! Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Defends Capitalism on 60 Minutes

Amazon does a lot things well. Obama should look to them as an example.
Check it out:

After just illustrating he’s ruthless and bloodthirsty and careless, has no concern about his competitors, now he’s worried the environment. Yes! So he’s back in good graces. He’s got these mini-drones. Have you seen one, a picture? Well, they’re about five or six inches square. They got little platforms on ’em, and grips on the bottom where a package of certain weight could be held and it’s gonna fly to your house.

If you live within 10 miles of a distribution center for Amazon, it’ll fly to your house. But, you know, where’s it gonna land? Is it gonna land on your roof, gonna land on your sidewalk, gonna land on your driveway, backyard? How many of ’em literally are gonna get shot down? Do you understand, there will be people who have no idea… No matter what, no matter how widely broadcast the news of these things is, there are going to be people have no clue, and they’re gonna look up and they’re gonna see swarms of these things, and it’s gonna be hilarious.

One thing I think we all have to keep in mind here: These drones may actually never be used because of this thing called lawyers.

We’ll just have to wait and see.



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