To Save a Generation

The federal government has left us zero choice and we must act.
Check it out:

In order for America to survive as a free nation, the states must use their constitutional authority under Article V to strip the federal government of all powers except those actually intended by the Founders.

If allowed to continue on its present path, Washington, D.C., will bankrupt this nation and turn our children into servants of the government as they struggle to pay off the mountain of debt Congress has foisted upon them.

Clearly, then, the first amendment we must consider is a balanced budget amendment (BBA). I’d like to outline one possible way such an amendment could be written. In doing so, my purpose is not cause conflict over this proposal’s advantages and disadvantages. Rather, I’d like to get you thinking and give you a glimpse of what a Convention of States could do to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.



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