Sandy Hook One Year Later

Not creating easy targets and making sure mentally ill get dealt with should be our goals to prevent future shootings.
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Last year, on December 14th, we all held our breath at an unthinkable news story. It wasn’t just an act of violence. It wasn’t just a healine. It was personal. To all of us.

The picturesque town of Sandy Hook will forever have tragedy written all over its name. I can remember just sobbing – as though I knew these children and these families. Even now, watching on the news – these parents and these memorials, it just pierces me. I think back to days like 9/11 and days like 12/14 – days where I can remember every slow second. A madman took the lives of the most helpless among us.

I can remember the same images of the same mourning parents and crying children walking away from the school in a line. They were pinned up on the news for endless hours. Then, of course the conversations being broadcast were about gun control. Then, they were about how conversations shouldn’t be about gun control in light of all that’s happened.



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