Redistribution is Theft, Not Charity

I’m all for helping people out. But the government shouldn’t play a role in it.
Check it out:

What was the last year that Americans were able to keep every dollar they earned? Your first instinct? (interruption) Yes, 1913, you’re right. Up until 1913, everybody — the robber barons, the poor, everybody — kept 100% of what they earned. Well, there were temporary levies, maybe, like for the Civil War, but in terms of no income tax, 1913. What made us explode into an industrial giant? Well, here’s my point, though.

My point is we’re talking about redistribution of wealth and charity and all that, the Catholic Church, any church, ’cause the guy had a good point. I mean, there’s nothing liberal about pro-life, nothing liberal with anti-gay marriage. If you look at morality, the morality of the Bible, the morality the Old and New Testaments, there’s nothing leftist about it. The closest the leftist can come to claiming Christianity is socialism is to misinterpret and misapply the words and deeds of Jesus.

But everywhere else, the morality of the Bible does not ever come in contact with the belief system of the left. Okay? And yet all these churches are socialists. The bishops, the monsignors, the popes, they’ve all… Well, not all of them, but the Episcopalians, the Methodists, my church, they’re worse than ever — and why? Because they were able to get away with saying that the redistribution of wealth, socialism, was charity; that the only reason government was taking money was to give to the disadvantaged.

It’s charity. You had to support it, and it gave you cover. But the fact of the matter is, I find this fascinating. Anybody can sit and say we didn’t have any income tax until 1913. Well, okay, so what? This is 2013, and 1913 is a long time ago. It’s a different world. Right. But back in 1911, 1912, 1910, you pick the year, with nobody paying any income tax, we had a public school system.



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