Prediction: Obama Will Buy Back Millennials by Forgiving Student Loans

This would be great for people with student loans, but horrible for the country.
Check it out:

Nobody gets rich on the minimum wage. Nobody’s gonna be able to afford more. No matter raise it a buck or two or 10, it isn’t gonna matter. The Millennials are not nearly as dumb, nor are they as slavishly devoted as Obama thought. So I get what Obama and his people are doing. They see these polling numbers. “We’re losing the Millennials. Okay, time to buy them back.” That’s what they’re talking about right now. “What can we give them? What can we buy them back with?”

That’s how Obama looks at the federal Treasury. It’s his to spend to buy love, to buy support, to buy loyalty, or to buy a change in poll direction. But actually coming up with a policy that would help people improve their standard of living? That’s not what this Regime is about. The past five years are all the evidence that you need. I will bet you that one of the things… I’ve been waiting for this, in fact.

Let’s make a note. What is this, December 5th? Mark it down, somebody — iCal it, do something up. “December 5th, 2013: El Rushbo predicting that one of the ways Obama will try to buy the Millennials back to get his poll numbers up, is to forgive student loans.” It’s just sitting out there on a silver platter, just waiting for Obama to do it. It’s the Chicago way! If they don’t succeed in getting rid of you with a gun or a knife, they’ll forgive your student loan and they’ll buy you back.

That’s what’s on tap, my friends.



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