Power is What Matters to Statists

Obama gathers more and more power in his quest to become dictator of America.
Check it out:

The thing to remember about Barack Obama, you know, all these personality things are fine, fun to talk about, but the thing to remember, the guy’s a statist. He is a socialist. He believes people are incapable and incompetent in running their own lives. He believes that everybody ought to be controlled by government. He believes that government is good, government’s the answer. He wants power. He thirsts for power over people. He doesn’t care about the Constitution.

The personality quirks, I mean, they’re whatever they are, but the threat posed by Obama is the threat posed by every statist. And that is their total disregard and dislike for the US Constitution and their willingness to govern totally outside it. That’s the threat. And what they cause to happen to the country in the process, creating endless dependents, breaking up and destroying families, creating a woeful, horrible economy with no opportunity for economic advancement.

Those are the real-life results of everybody who’s like Obama, everybody of the Democrat Party who believes what Obama believes. I mean, he’s had five chiefs of staff over five years. I don’t know that anybody’s pulling his strings. I think he’s pulling his own. I don’t doubt there are powers behind the throne, but I don’t think he needs any guidance at all in what he’s doing.



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