Sometimes the pope plays the political game a little too much.
Check it out:

Well, they tried to make me the villain in the soap opera about the pope, but it just didn’t take off this time. They’re still out there trying. There’s a left-wing Catholic group with 6,000 signatures to a petition. They’re a left-wing, pro-abortion bunch of Catholics, which means they’re not really Catholic. Anyway, they’re trying to raise all kinds of problems with this, but they’ve not been able to. I have a column here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers by Shikha Dalmia at

It’s entitled, “The Pope’s Self-Defeating Anti-Capitalist Rant.” The piece does not mention me, but it makes a point that I made when I first talked about the pope’s badgering of capitalism. And my point was, where does the pope think the Catholic Church would be without it? I mean, you can sit there and denigrate money all you want, and you can impugn the seeking of money all you want, but one trip to the Vatican, folks, and you realize it requires a lot of money.

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