Phil Robertson can’t cite Scripture, but these prancing dudes are brought to you by ObamaCare!

This is sick. How disgusting we getting in our liberal government. Good luck watching the video without gagging.
Check it out:

Health insurance for the man’s man.

In the interest of getting the story right, it does not appear this is put out by the administration per se, although it’s likely one of those liberal advocacy groups that gets its funding from people who are joined at the hip with Obama and company. You can’t unsee this, so you’ve been warned:

Now before you start disputing the comparison between this and the Phil Robertson situation, let’s get it straight. Yes, this is a video on YouTube and Phil Robertson could do one of those too. I’m talking about the broader stance of the prevailing culture. Robertson cites and embraces scriptural teaching on homosexuality, and he is suspended because A&E is “disappointed” in him for what he said. These guys prance around in a clear and unmistakable celebration of a) gay sex; and b) ObamaCare; and that’s perfectly fine because hey, what are you, some sorta bigot or something?

The site itself is all about directing the homosexual population into signing up for ObamaCare, and sure, that’s their right. If they want to make a video of dudes in their skivvies checking each other out while some girl butchers a song that was butchery to begin with, the First Amendment covers them too, just like it covers Phil Robertson.



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