Phil Robertson Is Back: That’s a Fact Jack!

The response from conservatives has been impressive.
Check it out:

One week and two days after announcing its sanction against Phil Robertson for his comments calling homosexuality a sin, A&E announced today the Duck Dynasty Patriarch will be reinstated in the new season.
The GQ interview made headlines around the nation and sparked an uproar amongst millions of Duck Dynasty/Robertson family fans. The Robertson family have built a multi-million dollar enterprise from Phil’s duck call business, Duck Commander.

Originally A&E may have envisioned the show as a quirky reality show about a Louisiana family enamored with camo and duck hunting. But what the artsy A&E power brokers conceived as a spoof, became the highest rated reality show of all time, drawing an audience of 11+ million viewers.

Americans fell in love the the duck hunting family and their humor and biblical values. And every nuance that A&E thought would be a loser — no cussing, squeaky clean values, hunting and skinning animals, praying in Jesus’ name — actually did the opposite! People of faith flocked to the show!



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