The perfect Christmas gift for Barack Obama

Obama hates the constitution and wants to destroy it along with freedoms that Americans love.
Check it out:

The perfect Christmas gift for the family living in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., is here, it would help ensure Barack Obama understands the limits of his office, and is the ultimate present to go under your tree, too.

It’s for the whole family and imparts details about the U.S. Constitution in a way that is both fun and engaging for families.

It’s also the game to teach your children and family powerful constitutional literacy, and lets them uncover the reasons why critics charge many of Obama’s actions are classified as “Impeachable Offenses.”

Produced by Cognitive Square, Inc., The Constitution Quest is an interactive board game challenging players with questions about the United States Constitution, the history behind it, and the rules that guide our system of government.



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