Is This Obama’s Monica Lewinsky?

Only one? I think he has multiple.
Check it out:

Lyndon Johnson had Vietnam.

Richard Nixon had Watergate.

Ronald Reagan had Iran-Contra.

George H.W. Bush had tax increases.

And, as first reported by The Drudge Report, Bill Clinton had an intimate relationship with a White House intern.

Now President Obama has a major credibility issue that is sure to forever taint his legacy.

Obama’s credibility will be difficult to regain after the failure of his core Obamacare promise, and the disastrous roll-out of the health-care law rescued the Republicans from a public relations nightmare following the government shutdown, according to one of the nation’s leading political scientists.

Larry Sabato is a professor of political science at the University of Virginia and directs the school’s Center for Politics. He told WND President Obama lost a lot of ground with the American people by promising them if they liked their health plans and doctors that they could keep them.

“One thing that I think all historians and political scientists look for is the moment, if it occurs, when the credibility gap opens, and it’s happened for Obama. It’s not because of the rocky roll-out of Obamacare and not because a website doesn’t work, although it should have,” Sabato explained. “It’s because of that oft-repeated statement, which many people bought because the president said it, and people said, ‘Well, if he’s got all these advisers, surely they checked.’”



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