ObamaCare and Millennials: The Kids Are NOT All Right

Liberals have gotten ahold of our kid’s hearts in government schools making reality a harsh slap once they join the real world.
Check it out:

As the president hosts a White House youth summit, a new poll from his alma mater shows a majority of young people aren’t interested in signing up for his signature health care plan.

The Harvard “Millennials” poll found only 22 percent of young Americans — defined in the survey as between 18 and 29 years old — plan to sign up for ObamaCare. Even more troubling for the administration, fewer than a third — only 29 percent — of people who currently do not have health insurance plan to enroll.

“Actuarially, the [Affordable Care Act] depends upon these young Americans signing up,” Trey Greyson, director of Harvard’s Institute Of Politics, said. “Our survey shows that the administration has a lot of work to do to get them on board.”

Indeed, the Affordable Care Act relies on a large pool of young, healthy enrollees to pay for older, sicker Americans. Without their premium support, the entire system is at risk of collapse.



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