Obamacare: If You Like Your Medicine, You Can Pay More to Keep It

Can you imagine how affordable health care would be if government would have stayed out of it?
Check it out:

Let me clarify what I said to Tab from Salt Lake City, because, folks, I was not implying or stating that Tab ought to be paying the $1200 for pain medication for himself. My point was this: What it’s been with health care all along. This is how far gone we are. In my world, in my way of thinking… See, this is how old-fashioned I am, and I admit this. But I believe… I’ve always believed this. It was the way I was raised, so blame my mom and dad.

But I’ve always believed that whatever I’ve wanted was my responsibility to buy, and certainly whatever I needed was my responsibility to buy, that there was a vast difference between need and want. But I was raised that it was not anybody else’s responsibility, no matter what it was. I’ll give you a example. We’ve all got stories like this. When I started working in radio… Actually, my first job was shining shoes in a barbershop, and I made $50 in three months, and my dad took it.

He said, “If you’re gonna earn money, then you’re gonna start paying to help here in the household.” He took it. I said, “Fine. I don’t need it. I’m 13. What am I gonna do with cash?” Then I started working at the radio station when I was 15 for like 75¢ an hour and eventually after three or four years later I’m making a buck and a quarter. I was living at home. So he took it. When I hit 16, I decided I wanted a Ford Mustang, so I started telling my dad I want a car.



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