Can you imagine how affordable health care would be if government would have stayed out of it?
Check it out:

Let me clarify what I said to Tab from Salt Lake City, because, folks, I was not implying or stating that Tab ought to be paying the $1200 for pain medication for himself. My point was this: What it’s been with health care all along. This is how far gone we are. In my world, in my way of thinking… See, this is how old-fashioned I am, and I admit this. But I believe… I’ve always believed this. It was the way I was raised, so blame my mom and dad.

But I’ve always believed that whatever I’ve wanted was my responsibility to buy, and certainly whatever I needed was my responsibility to buy, that there was a vast difference between need and want. But I was raised that it was not anybody else’s responsibility, no matter what it was. I’ll give you a example. We’ve all got stories like this. When I started working in radio… Actually, my first job was shining shoes in a barbershop, and I made $50 in three months, and my dad took it.

He said, “If you’re gonna earn money, then you’re gonna start paying to help here in the household.” He took it. I said, “Fine. I don’t need it. I’m 13. What am I gonna do with cash?” Then I started working at the radio station when I was 15 for like 75¢ an hour and eventually after three or four years later I’m making a buck and a quarter. I was living at home. So he took it. When I hit 16, I decided I wanted a Ford Mustang, so I started telling my dad I want a car.

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