Here is my review of Obama: The end of freedom.
Check it out:

Thanks to the Internet, abetted by social media, the White House can produce its own version of the news.

The latest example: the obligatory end-of-the-year story.

While the traditional media focuses on the presidential troubles of 2013 — the falling polls, the government surveillance controversy, the shaky rollout of the health care plan — the White House year-end review package posted on its website accentuates the positive.

“In 2013, our economy grew, and our deficit shrunk,” the promo says. “For the first time in almost two decades, we said that we’re producing more oil at home than we buy from the rest of the world.”

The post takes a month-by-month look at (some of) Obama’s activities from 2013, illustrated with photos, charts and videos.

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