Obama, Iran President Rouhani Could Meet Face-to-Face at Mandela Funeral

It’ll be nice for these BFF’s to catch up.
Check it out:

Islamist members of the Iranian press are wondering if President Hassan Rouhani may end up in a face-to-face meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama at the upcoming funeral services for South African icon Nelson Mandela.

These publications are not happy about the possibility, calling it a “trap” laid by the “great Satan.”

Extremist Iranian newspaper Kayhan hyperbolically editorialized that if Rouhani were to go to the Mandela funeral, it would be an event organized by the “head of the Great Satan government” to force an unwanted meeting between Iran and the west.

“Some domestic and foreign media outlets are using the funeral ceremony as a pretext to push Rouhani towards a meeting with the head of the Great Satan government,” the Kayhan editorial claimed.



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