Obama Claims Millions of Obamacare Cancellations Now Fixed

Of course this time you can trust Obama.
Check it out:

The Obama Administration announced on Thursday that individuals whose health insurance plans were canceled due to Obamacare may receive a “hardship exemption” from the $95 fine, a significant development that even progressive Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein says “puts the first crack in the individual mandate.”

Yet even as the Obama administration issued the key concession–one that opens up numerous arguments for extending similar exemptions to others–the administration claimed its latest rule change would only affect an estimated 500,000 of the 6,000,000 Americans who have lost their health plans due to Obamacare; the White House claims the other 5,500,000 people that Obamacare kicked off their plans have already found new coverage.

Health and Human Services (HHS) spokesperson Joanne Peters further downplayed the rule shift and number of individuals affected by saying, “For the limited number of consumers whose plans have been canceled and are seeking coverage, this is one more option.”



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