NY Times Benghazi Report Meant To ‘Clear The Deck’ For Hillary

What difference does it make? She is still an incompetent lying liberal who will need defeated.
Check it out:

On ‘Fox News Sunday’, Congressman Mike Rogers, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee denounced today’s report in the New York Times arguing that there is no evidence of Al Qaeda involvement in the 2012 Benghazi attack.

Rogers: “There was some level of preplanning, we know that.” “There was aspiration to conduct an attack by al Qaeda and their affiliates in Libya, we know that. The individuals on the ground talked about a planned tactical improvement on the compound. All of that would directly contradict what the New York Times says was an exhaustive investigation. That tells me they didn’t talk to the people on the ground who were doing the fighting and shooting and intelligence gathering. When you put that volume of information, I think it proves that story is just not accurate.”

Wallace asked if Rogers thought the report was a politically-motivated attempt to “clear the deck” for Hillary Clinton.

Rogers: “I find the timing odd. I don’t want to speculate on why they might do it.”



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