NSA paid security company $10 million for secret access to users’ software

If this isn’t illegal, you would think that RSA would no longer be qualified to be called a security company.
Check it out:

A new investigation into the National Security Agency’s relationship with computer-security provider RSA reveals the company accepted $10 million from the agency to let it access security software RSA sold to customers.

Reuters reports that documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden show RSA let the NSA embed “back door” encryption entryways into its computer security products, and that it accepted an amount equal to more than one-third of the product division’s profit from the prior year in the deal.

RSA put the NSA’s encryption formula in its “BSafe” software, meant to increase security on computers and other devices. After the Snowden leaks revealed the company’s entanglement, the company has since told consumers to not use the product.



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